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September 20, 2010


The always-inspiring Nicole of Activity Mom shares her 5 books today:

Silly Sally: Lap-Sized Board Book
1) At first I didn't like Silly Sally by Audrey Wood like everyone said I would, but after reading it several times I fell in love with its sing songy and predictable text.

Fox in Socks (Beginner Books)
2) The book I never want to read again, but my child makes me is Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. It's a big tongue twister that I could do without!

Doggies (Boynton Board Books (Simon & Schuster))
3) A book I didn't think would be a hit with toddlers, but seems to be loved by all, including my son is Doggies by Sandra Boynton.

Alphabet Mystery
4) One of our favorite ABC books is Alphabet Mystery by Audrey Wood.

Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter) (Look-Look) Just Me and My Mom (A Little Critter Book) Little Critter: Grandma, Grandpa, and Me
5) A series of books I remember my parents reading to me is the Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer.(Just Me and My Dad, Just Me and My Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and Me, etc.)

Thank you, Nicole! I love your list! I've never read Alphabet Mystery, but it looks like one we would enjoy. As for Fox in Sox, I'm right there with you! I think I have actually hidden it a few times! I have to laugh thinking about the time Juliet chose that book for my Swiss sister-in-law to read to her--let's just say it's even more miserable to read aloud when English is your 3rd language! 

If you aren't familiar with Nicole's blog Activity Mom, head over and check it out! You will find so many great ideas for teaching and interacting with your children. I am always inspired everytime I read her blog and I especially love how she makes all her ideas affordable and accessible. Her activities usually involve things you can find laying around your house like this fun bottle top fish activity

She did a whole series of posts on things you can do with bottle caps--you have to check it out! 


Candice S. said...

Goodmorning, Vanessa!! I have officially proclaimed this week as Dr. Suess Week! :) Harmony and I only have a few of the books so we're heading to the library to get more. I went ahead and made a "The Cat In The Hat" Mod Podge Puzzle for her while she is in school ... Also, since reading your fun recycling article of things you can collect for your craft box at home.. I have been saving our bottle caps! ..I definitely look forward to reading what I can do with all of them. Thanks!!

Have a great day.


Ticia said...

Are congratulations in order?

My kids have never been big Seuss fans, so I haven't gotten to read all the fun crazy rhymes.

The Activity Mom said...

Thank so much for having me today! Making that list was so much fun! I always love to read your blog!

MaryAnne said...

The Activity Mom is a great blog! My kids LOVE Sandra Boynton's "Doggies" too.

Ana Degenaar said...

I love your picks! Have to look for them!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love her picks. I will have to look for the alphabet mystery book.

artsy_momma said...

My son loves Alphabet Mystery- it is also one of his top 2 favorites for alphabet books :)

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

Hey everyone, no baby yet--I just thought I'd lighten the blogging load by sharing some of the guest posts! (They are all so great, I can't stand waiting to share them any longer!) I'll be posting the rest of this week. :)
And I'll be sure to let you know when the baby arrives.

Michelle said...

What a great list I love this idea and can't wait to read all the others.

I have been thinking about you and can't wait to hear your good news when the baby arrives!!

Minnie said...

I'm intrigued by the alphabet mystery. We'll have to check that out. And Activity Mom is new to me so I'll go click over there. I can never have too many ideas for activities with a five and three year old at home. Thank you!

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