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August 30, 2010

The nursery decorating is coming to an end (in case you are getting tired of all these projects!) I have completed my final details and am just waiting for one last object to arrive. Then, I can sit down and twiddle my thumbs until Lucia arrives. 

I made this pillow the other night after many weeks of searching for the perfect round pillow of my dreams. Ideally, I wanted a round, silk orange pillow to place in the crib. Not that babies need pillows in the least--this is just one of those silly design details that I wanted for ME. I will, of course, remove the pillow from the crib as soon as Lucia lays her head in it. But for NOW, well, I need that pillow to sit there. It just makes me happy. 

I searched high and low for a round silk ORANGE pillow, but to no avail. So I decided to look for something else. I found this and fell in love: 

It's called the ombre rose ruffle pillow and it's from a beautiful etsy shop: That Funky Boutique

It's beautiful and perfect, but after many days of deliberating, I decided I had spent enough on this nursery and should really keep the cash for my diaper fund. 

I thought maybe I could attempt to make one like this, but realized that it would result in many hours of work and then end up being a big pile of ugly. And that would make me cry. And no one likes a crying pregnant lady.

So I came up with plan B. I have a big bag of old clothes from my pre-baby days (I'm talking before Juliet!) These sad pieces have not been worn in the past 5 years as I can no longer fit into them. But still, I keep them for some reason. It's a good thing though, because they allowed me to make "the pillow of my nursery dreams" for F-R-E-E. 

Step 1: Cut out two circles from an old sweater. I used a round cake pan as a guide, but cut it much larger than the pan. Sew that into a circular pillow (maybe you will have better luck at making yours actually turn out ROUND.) Stuff it, and then proceed to step 2. 

Step 2: Cut off the ends of some sweater sleeves. 

Roll them into a rose-like shape by just folding over the edges will scrunching up the bottom. 

Step 3: Make as many roses as you like--I went with 3, and then stitch them to the front of your pillow. 

It's not as lovely as the ombre rose pillow, but it has that sweater and rose vibe, it's round, and it has satisfied my desire for the perfect pillow.  I expressly told Ben he was not to comment on it because I was happy with my homemade creation. (Remember the homemade mobile?)

I also made the little black apple doll by following this pattern. It turned out kind of cute--You can see that her one arm is permanently stuck in a salute position and top of her head is rather flat and and unevenly stitched, but overall, I am pleased with her as well. Juliet thinks it's a Dora doll. 

And now for the book...you didn't think I'd let you out of here before talking about a book, did you? 

The roses on the pillow and little girl doll remind me of this beautiful book illustrated by Paul Galdone called Follow Your Nose. Isn't it lovely? These illustrations always make me smile. 

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Leigh said...

Vanessa! It is adorable! And you made the doll? You are SO ready to sew a platypus!!!

Ticia said...

It turned out so cute

Silver Rose said...

It's great, what a lovely idea! And a great way to use those clothes instead of letting them taunt you from the closet...which I do. ;)


allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com said...

oooh - I LOVE THIS! I have a red sweater saved just for a pillow project like this one! Thanks for the inspiration!
Partying with you at Skip to My Lou!

Crystal said...

Very cute pillow. I love how you made the roses. great idea.

Chels said...

That's a beautiful and simple pillow and I love that you used an old piece of clothing!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

It turned out great. That Ombre pillow is AMAZING, but your's looks nice! What a fun nursery it's turning into! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

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