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August 12, 2010

I love using your child's name to decorate her room. Last week, I shared a list of children's books with little girls' names in them, but of course, my list did not include every name in existence! If your child's name was not on the list--(neither of my children's names are!) Then, maybe you can use something like this. 

These printable alphabet bunting flags from Ruffled are beautiful and FREE! The patterns are lovely and there is even a heart one you can use. I printed the letters for Lucia's name on card stock, cut them out, and hot glued them to a piece of string. 

And while they are quite beautiful, I have to admit that I have already taken them down. The room had a little too much going on in it and the colors didn't really go with the rest of the decor, so I moved them to the inside of her closet!

Ben blames this on the "destruction phase" of nesting. It's the part where after you get everything all cute and lovely, you then start ripping it apart because the baby is STILL not here and what else are you supposed to do with all the nervous energy? 

I'm trying to contain myself, but who knows what will next fall victim to nesting destruction....

I think these would be great for birthday banners or baby showers as well! Hope you enjoy!


Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

lol - Gotta love the pregnancy hormones! Land of Nod has some beautiful letters you can string on ribbon that I bought for A. I'm thinking of getting a set for E as well. Of course, you can't beat free! Thanks for the link. This would be perfect for a party.

Jen said...

I was just thinking that I'd love this for my son's 1st birthday. He's only 7 months, but I know it's going to sneak up on me.

Nesting- oh, I was cleaning out the stranges things. Now it's a mess again. lol


Sassy Sites! said...

just stopped by to say that I LOVE love LOVE your blog! Lots of sassy ideas! I would love it if you would add me to your blog list... you are already on mine! :)

...visiting from Sassy Sites!
(cause your blog is a sassy site!)

Katrina said...

Your joke about the "destructive" phase of nesting made me think of my FAVORITE decorating site, Looking at your style reminded me of hers. I think you'd enjoy her site.

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