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August 11, 2010

image from Ohdeedoh

So, this idea is completely unattainable for me for several reasons, but I still think it's awesome! The outside is amazing, but what I love even more is the inside--check out Ohdeedoh to see what I mean.  There are also pictures of how they built it--if you are the wood-working type. 


Beth said...

If only Gramps were still alive!

Ticia said...

Now how to convince my husband I need this for OUR room?

He still hasn't gone for my bunk bed/king bed theory.

Jenny said...

That is cool!

Jen said...

Wow- that's impressive! I wish we had a great place for all of our books instead of them being scattered in every single room!! lol

Hope you are feeling well, Vanessa.

Corrina said...

That is really neat. I never have enough places for my son's books. We have a big book shelf. But who couldn't use more storage? And this is really adorable.

Meldrum Fam said...

welp...not all of us can have a woodworking husband like mine. i had tim look at it and he said...and i quote..."no problem. i could totally do that." i can just see it now...maybe one day you can blog about it! =)

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

If tim does this, then I will never make fun of the kentucky shed again! :) Can he make it in your iraqi basement? I think the kids need it.
Beth--Gramps could totally do this with his eyes closed! :)

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