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July 13, 2010

Jan Brett is one of our favorite authors--her books have beautiful illustrations as well as engaging stories that really capture Juliet's imagination. Here are a few of our favorites: 

The Easter Egg

On Noah's Ark

Annie and the Wild Animals

The Three Snow Bears

Gingerbread Friends

The Mitten 20th Anniversary Edition

The Umbrella

Gingerbread Baby

Daisy Comes Home

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Hedgie's Surprise

Jan Brett has a blog and a wonderful website with printable coloring pages, online games, and activity resources for all your favorite Jan Brett books. 

I love these alphabet flags--they are on my list of things to do!

What's your favorite Jan Brett book? 


Steve Finnell said...

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Emily said...

We got "The Easter Egg" at Easter per your suggestion. We all loved it! I'll have to check out these others books and her site! Thanks for pointing us in that direction.
Those alphabet flags are pretty much the perfect preschool activity! Noah will love that! =)

Raising a Happy Child said...

Jan Brett books were "hit and miss" here. Gingerbread Baby and Umbrella were best received so far. I personally really liked her version of Goldilocks and Three Bears.

Jen said...

Oh, we love her books and the illustrations for sure! We haven't read a couple of the books that you listed above. Here are a couple of posts I have written on Brett's books with crafts, etc.

The Mitten

Daisy Comes Home

Enjoy your day!

Brimful Curiosities said...

My daughter won a signed copy of The Easter Egg for her school this year through a contest on Brett's website. The librarian at her school was really, really excited.

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

We've got Daisy comes home right now from the library and M loves it!

Judy said...

I am a fan of Brett, too. The Mitten is probably my favorite. Great books for encouraging prediction in reading.

Hannah said...

Oooh, good to see a couple of Jan Brett books we're not familiar with. We really love Daisy Comes Home. We lived in China for several years, and I love how authentic the illustrations are.

Katie Bug said...

I've been a Jan Brett fan since second grade when I got to meet her at a book signing she was doing in my area. I thought I was in heaven!
As a teacher, my favorite Brett books were Gingerbread Baby, and The Mitten. Her website was a great resource for me, too.

Chels said...

We've read very few Jan Brett books. We do like The Wild Christmas Reindeer.

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