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June 4, 2010

Ben's mom was here last weekend and she brought Juliet a wonderful book called My Friend by Beatrice Alemagna.

It's the story of a strange looking animal who has "fur like a dog" and is "shaped like a sheep." Nobody knows what he is and instead mistakes him for everything from a cat to a pigeon!

Finally, he meets another fellow unusual looking creature who asks if he would like to play.

"Don't you want to know what I am?" asks the main character. To which the other creature replies, "I know what you are. You are my friend."

Not only is the story beautiful, but the illustrations are quite compelling, as well. You can kind of see from the cover how the images are of fabric stitched together with ribbon trim and buttons used as accessories.

Juliet's grandma is so great, she not only gave her the book, but showed up with a bag fabric scraps, a needle and thread, and gave her some one-on-one sewing lessons!

I think it takes the patience of a grandmother to teach a three-year-old how to sew, but she says that Juliet sewed every stitch! She just showed her where to place the needle and they made a cute little bunny together.

Here's the finished product! Isn't he adorable? We're going to turn it into a pillow to place in her room.

I haven't read any of her other books yet, but I am on the lookout for this one: 
Bugs in a Blanket


Phyllis said...

That is so adorable. Vanessa, you are lucky to have such a talented and loving Grandma for Juliet.

Chels said...

I like that grandma/granddaughter project! It's going to make a wonderful pillow! Both the books look great but they're not at my library.

Ticia said...

Oh man, my kids would love this.

Amber @ Because Babies Grow Up said...

That is totally cute! I love the bunny. We made fabric flowers this week and the girls LOVED doing the stitching. I had to help the one year old quite a bit, obviously, but Sammi loved doing it all by herself. She even sewed three more "flowers" using my scraps all by herself. Entertained her for an hour!

Anonymous said...

I just happened to be there watching Juliet create her bunny. Every stick - hand done by the cutest granddaughter in Georgia. Poppy

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