We painted the nursery a few weeks ago and ever since, I have been busy trying to put it all together. I really wanted to incorporate some pages from some of my vintage children’s books as artwork on the wall, but wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.The same thought occurred when we were planning for Christmas gifts for all and finances were short! How were we going to fix them? Well, then came a Santa in disguise, that gave us good opportunity to earn easily and quickly. Continue reading here to know all about it and you too stay free from worries.

Then I remembered these two frames I had sitting in my garage. I purchased them from goodwill last fall (sorry, I don’t have a before pic). They were wooden with glass panes that had some sort of botanical print between the glass.
The only way I could get the print out was to smash the glass, so I pretty much destroyed them. I though they were hopeless, but I went ahead and sprayed them white just in case. They’ve been sitting in my garage ever since (You know, in that pile of stuff that my husband is always asking me if he can throw away? He can’t help it; he’s such a helpful fellow.)
I have this Thumbelina book gorgeously illustrated by Pablo Ramirez(one of my favorites!) And I thought these pages would be perfect for the nursery. I love the bright colors and delicate flowers. Plus, the dark-haired Thumbelina looks like what I imagine my little girl to look like one day. (Watch, now that I said this, she’ll be blonde!)
I carefully removed the spread I wanted to use and taped the two pieces together down the middle. Then I used regular thumbtacks to hold the page in place. There is no glass in the frame, so it was simple and easy.
Now I’ve got some inexpensive (and beautiful) wall art above the changing table! One wall down, two more to go!
The frames were $3 or $4 a piece at goodwill and the book was $1.25 (also from goodwill). Two pieces of art for under $10 is pretty good, I think!
The only problem with tearing apart a book like this is that now you can’t read the story…so of course, I set out to find another copy of it and it arrived a few days ago. I placed the “new” copy on Juliet’s shelf and I think I may use the first copy as a display on some shelves in the nursery–the cover is beautiful, too.
Do you have any beautiful vintage books that would make great artwork?

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