fourth of july hairbows

June 29, 2010

I like making hair flair from time to time and I thought these fourth of July hair ties turned out pretty cute! Juliet wore them for the first time this Saturday in honor of the USA World Cup Match--so sad that we lost, but at least she can still wear them this weekend for Independence Day. 

Here are a few more views--they are really simple to make: Just cut several pieces of ribbon, stack them on top of each other and bend around an elastic. Then sew over them to secure them in place. 

You could do this with any color scheme and make them a little bit fuller by turning part of the ribbon like this one from gymboree

Enough about hair ties, let's get to the books. I shared our favorite patriotic songbooks with you earlier this week, but I wanted to mention a good non-fiction resource that we own. The Rand McNally Children's Atlas of the United States. 
Rand McNally Children's Atlas of the United States

I don't usually write about non-fiction books, but this one is one we like to look at a lot. It's fun because I don't actually read it to Juliet--we just look at the pictures and maps and have conversations about what we see. 

Sometimes we look at all the state birds, other times we talk about people that we know who live in various states. If I've visited a place, I share a story about it. 

Do you have a children's atlas that you love to read with your kids?



Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Love the atlas idea! Several of E's friends have moved away this summer, and that atlas would be perfect to help her conceptualize where they've moved to.

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

B is just starting to get the concept of maps - he really likes to look at the globe. I'll have to look into a children's atlas too!

Chels said...

Cute hair tie! It kind of resembles a little firework shooting out! Your daughter is great to be your model for so many posts!

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