When I started working on the nursery, I moved a lot of Juliet’s furniture (crib, changing table, etc.)  into the baby’s room. Juliet got a new “big girl” bed and I was able to rearrange the furniture.
It also left me with a few blank spaces on the wall and the chance to redecorate (in small ways–there was no way I was going to repaint or do anything too drastic!)

I wanted to incorporate some artwork that reflected her interests and personality and so I began the hunt for a giant fire truck art piece. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything cheap enough. So I turned to plan B.Similarly we too need plan A & B in our financial plans too. How can we manage the family financial status, without hurting any of them? What are the best ways to earn some extra money, to keep your family happy and your wallet full? Well, login to CyberMentors.org.uk to check for yourself.

Of course, you know we love books and Madeline is a particular favorite of Juliet’s. I have always thought that Bemelmans’ illustrations would be gorgeous artwork in a little girl’s room, so I came up with this collage idea.
First stop was Goodwill, of course. I needed to find a canvas large enough to fill the space above her bookshelf. I found this gem for the low, low price of $8.98. Perfect.
Then I went to the book section and searched and searched for a copy of Madeline. I feel like every time I go there are at least 2 or 3 copies there, but of course, that day, there were none. I was about to give up when I came across a copy of Madeline’s Rescue. It’s also a favorite and with the lovable Genevieve the dog in the story, it may just be even better.
I carefully removed the pages from the book, trimmed them down, and arranged them on the canvas. Then Juliet and I set to work mod podging them on! Juliet thought this was probably the best craft project ever! There was glue everywhere, but the great thing about mod podge is that it dries clear and you can’t tell it ever looked sloppy.
It dried overnight and was ready to hang the next morning. We enlisted Ben’s help for this–and on the first try, the cord in the back snapped and he had to fix it. (That’s what $8.98 gets you, but it worked out in the end!)
So we filled the space for yet another piece of art for around $10!
What book would you use to decorate your child’s room?