Looking for something easy and cheap to do with your preschooler to get the Independence Day festivities going? Try these fun fourth of July bottle cap cakes!

I was doing really well with staying ahead of the game for Father’s Day, but then I blinked and realized it was almost Independence Day! I generally like to keep crafting costs to a minimum anyways, but this month I really need to spend $0 because my cat decided to take a midnight visit to the animal ER after consuming about 5 feet of twine one day last week. Let’s just say, she used up her lifetime medical funds in one evening.It happens to many of us once in a lifetime at least. Hence it’s essential that we have our finances managed well. At the same time, we must also look to expand our income, so that it helps in either saving or spending. But, how to expand?


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So, we are pinching pennies this month and as a result, I have to make do with whatever I can dig up around the house for crafts.
Bottle caps are always a good, cheap, crafting supply, so Juliet and I brought out the jar and sorted the red, white, and blue ones. We only had 1 red one, so we painted a couple white ones with red tempera paint and that solved our problem easily.
We decided to stack the caps and then decorate our tiny cakes with ribbon and gems. We had some red, white, and blue ribbon in my ribbon box and some rhinestones in the craft box. You could use whatever you have: puffballs, stickers, confetti, scrapbook paper, etc. Kids don’t care–they just like gluing stuff on!
I let Juliet handle the glue–so there was A LOT of it flying around, but in the end everything was stuck together quite nicely. Currently, the cakes are adorning our kitchen table–sitting atop some red, white, and blue scrapbook covered cereal boxes.

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