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May 19, 2010

The Cat's Pajamas by Ida Chittum

This is a book that was mine as a child. Juliet and I love reading it together (as we are big fans of cat books). The story is of a little boy who finds a piece of red fabric and decides to make a pair of pajamas for his cat. (How crafty!)

The cat of course, will have nothing to do with wearing pajamas, so he ends up stuffing it and making a cuddly fabric cat friend. 

The obvious activity/craft to go with this book is to find a piece of fabric, pin our cat down on top of it, trace around her, and then make her some pajamas. Or at the very least, to make a stuffed fabric kitty. But since Juliet is only 3 and she really can't sew yet, I didn't feel like doing either of those options. (Penny, you can thank me later.)

But I did think we should practice our stitching, so we busted out these vintage sewing cards I picked up a few months ago. 

These images are so cute, I love them. Juliet and I had a great time sewing a few cards together. Then, she lost interest and began playing with the laces. I think they were some sort of dinner that I had to later eat. (for pretend.)

Do you have any childhood favorites that you like reading with your child? 


Jen said...

At least she was being creative with the laces. So cute!

Love and Lollipops said...

Hi Vanessa

As a little girl, I spent hours reading and re-reading a series of 5 books called "Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories". I now read these as bedtime stories to my son. It's so cool to now be sharing them with him!


vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

Georgia--I'm going to have to look for those books! Thanks for sharing!

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

A very early favorite for me was "Pat the Bunny." For B, I found "Sleepy Bunny" a Pat the Bunny cloth book with a little stuffed bunny attached by a ribbon. In it, you help th ebunny get ready for bed, and then tuck him in. Once he's tucked in, B often likes to sleep with his "cuddly book."

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