mother's day craft for preschoolers: m is for mom

May 4, 2010

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I thought I would share a few vintage illustrations from my book collection that feature mothers. This one is from a book called My Favorite Book, published 1973.

And while I think that it is Dad's job to help the kids make a Mother's Day craft, I couldn't resist doing a few with Juliet this past week. 

It all started when we were looking at the Do It Yourself Summer 2010 issue together, when Juliet pointed to the little round plate at the bottom of this page and said, "Hey! I want to make THAT!" 

Here's a close-up of what caught her eye. Pretty cute, isn't it? I thought to myself that it would be the perfect mother's day gift. The only problem is that there is no way she could make all those tiny little knots with her three-year-old hands! 

My first thought was to try making the dots with paint. We placed an M cut-out in the middle of the paper and Juliet set out to make little dots around it with her finger. 

When we peeled the M away, this is what we got. Not quite the dot effect either of us was hoping for. And Juliet had another problem with it: it was not a lower case m like in the picture in the magazine. 

So, we tried again. This time with glue dots and glitter. (Glitter is always a big hit.) I didn't have a lower case m, so we turned an E on it's side. Juliet seemed to think this was a satisfactory solution to the problem. 

We were both much happier with how this one turned out. 

 Especially after it was framed. (Everything looks better framed!)

Even the yellow one didn't look so bad once we framed it up, too. 


Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

You are the glitter queen! I actually thought to buy some glitter, just because you'd inspired me and promised that hairspray would keep it from spreading. :) Very cute M.

Jennifer said...

Very cute! I'm not naturally very arts and crafty, so I'll definitely look to you for inspiration!

Leigh said...

I love this! It's so cool!

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