My favorite day to go to the grocery store is Valentines Day. Around 5:30. I don’t go for the groceries. I go to watch the last-minute husbands/boyfriends frantically tear through the seriously depleted valentine aisle in search of an appropriate card, gift, or bouquet for their sweethearts. And I just stand there and watch. And giggle a little bit. It’s really the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never been to the grocery store early Mother’s Day morning, but I imagine the scene is similar. Maybe. I don’t know.I don’t know if it’s okay to advise you all, maybe I thought it’s going to be useful for many who are struggling to make ends meet. Finances are one of the major reason for many hassles in life, it’s also one of the reasons for materialistic happiness.


The way we manage our finances talks about our realistic goals in life. If we are addicted to lead a better-organised life, our finances too will be the same. But, sometimes, due to many reasons we never stick to our plans and fail in our goals.


Wait, you don’t need to give up your wishes and plans. There is a way to earn more income and keep your plans and goals filling. Trading is one of the oldest ways, with a slight makeover.


Automated robots, with jet speed having good and powerful algorithms to get you profits, are here to give you extremely high returns. Lucrosa is one the top leading software, an automated robot that allows you to live a life of your dreams and wishes, giving you enough money to save, spend and earn.

Maybe Dads are more on top of the Mother’s Day thing than I think. But just in case, I thought that instead of laughing at them, I’d help them out a bit this year. Here’s a list of some easy crafts you can do with your kids that are sure to make their mother smile.

You’ve probably seen all of these posts already, but wanted to list them in one place. I looked through my past posts and picked a few that would work for Mother’s Day gifts. (Email this list to dad!)


handprint heart keepsake


tissue paper flowers


homemade muffin liner flower cards


Homemade gift boxes


Framed M glitter art


“Look Mom, I’m an artist” collage
Got any good ideas to add to this list?
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