father's day photo shoot with kids

May 28, 2010

I'm working on a homemade frame for Father's Day (I'll be sharing it Monday!), but I needed a good picture to go in it. 

I thought doing a little photo shoot in the backyard would be fun. My first idea was to dress Juliet up in some of her dad's clothes--button-up shirt, shoes, and a hat. 

I have to say, the effect was pretty, darn cute.

Juliet had so much fun clomping around in her daddy's shoes and wearing his shirt and hat. I even pulled out the xbox headset and controller and had her take a few shots holding/wearing those! It was fun. 

So, my next idea was a "daddy's little princess" shot. We used one of her Disney Princess costumes and that's all it took to make an adorable shot! 

She was having so much fun I could barely get her to look at me, but I did manage a few great face shots. Now to decide which one to use!

Do you have any fun ideas for a father's day photo shoot? 


Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

Evan's school dressed the kids up in "daddy" clothes. The pictures turned out so cute!! Great idea!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Both ideas are awesome. Knowing my husband, I'd probably opt for #2 - he hates when someone "borrows" his stuff, even if it's his wife or daughter :)

Chels said...

Fun idea and cute pics!!

Debbie said...

Both are so cute, I think I would make a double frame with both of them. I know in this house both of those would be huge hits with Papa! He loves to see Selena dressed in his clothes, and also she is his little princess!

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