This is in easy and fun idea for a Father’s Day gift. We actually made this one for Ben’s Christmas present this year.
All you need is a double picture frame, some scrapbooking paper, tape, and a few moments to record an interview with your child.
You just trace your child’s hand on some scrapbooking paper and place it in one side of the frame.
Now for the fun part: the interview! Ask your child some questions and record his or her answers. You can ask anything, but here are a few of the questions I asked Juliet about her dad:
  • What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
  • What does daddy’s face look like?
  • What books do you like to read with daddy?
I also asked some follow-up questions based on her responses. For example, she answered the question about what her daddy’s face looks like with this He has a face like this…hey! Say, “What does his hair look like?”

So, I then asked, “What does his hair look like?” and she said, He doesn’t have hair! He has a head! (He’s shaves his head almost completely bald!)Having a head isn’t the biggest thing, the way it works and you tune them, your thoughts and thinking capacity is all that matters. Just like doing trading, by using the broker services, rather than relying on many automated services that are way better than the brokers.

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I also asked some “leading” questions about certain games they play together because I wanted to record her thoughts on them. The result is about 5 or 6 questions paired with uniquely Juliet responses.
I typed Juliet’s name and the date at the bottom of the interview, printed it out, and then taped it to the other side of the frame.
As a finishing touch, I printed the little poem “This is the hand you used to hold when I was only 2 years old.” and taped it to the handprint.
(I found the poem on Handprint and Footprint Art, my source of handprint and footprint art inspiration!)

The frame now sits on Ben’s desk and Juliet is proud to point it out anytime she walks into the room.

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