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May 25, 2010

With Father's Day coming up, I thought I would share our top ten favorite daddy books today!

Because Your Daddy Loves You
1. Because Your Daddy Loves You by Andrew Clements

I asked Ben what his favorite daddy book to read with Juliet was and he said it was this one. So there you go: straight from the daddy himself. 

2. Animals Daddies and My Daddy by Barbara Shook Hazen

Love the vintage illustrations in this one!

Just Me and My Dad (Look-Look)
3. Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer

We have yet to meet a Mercer Mayer book that we don't like.

My Daddy And Me
4. My Daddy and Me by Amy E. Sklansky

This was a favorite when Juliet was between the ages of 1 and 2. We read it over and over again!

The Bunny Book (Little Golden Book)
5. The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry

I LOVE this book. It's all about a little bunny who wants nothing more than to grow up and be a bunny daddy just like his daddy one day. 

Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender
6. Love Me Tender, illustrated by Tom Browning

This is an illustrated version of the Elvis Presley song. It's a beautiful book that shows a father's love for his daughter. Juliet loved singing this together with me. 

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

Eric Carle is one of my favorite author/illustrators and this might be my favorite book of his. 

8. Let Papa Sleep! by Emily Reed

This is one of those out-of-print vintage books that I like to write about, but I saw a few copies for sale on Amazon--so there is a chance you can find it! Juliet laughs and laughs at this story. She also likes for us to pretend to be the two little rabbits in the story who are making too much noise while Papa Rabbit is trying to sleep. 
Just Like Daddy
9. Just Like Daddy by Frank Asch

A fun story that also has a cute "just like mommy" twist at the end. 

Daddy Hugs 1 2 3
10. Daddy Hugs 123 by Karen Katz

I love Karen Katz books for babies. This is a sweet one for girls while  Daddy and Me features a boy in the illustrations.  

What are your favorite daddy books? Leave a comment and let me know!

For more great top ten lists, head over to Top Ten Tuesday @ OhAmanda!


Ticia said...

Hmmmm..... What are my favorite Daddy books? I just found one the other day. Princess Stinky Feet, I think it is, where the Daddy is flying her all over.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Great list - we read some of these books. Anna really liked The Ten Best Things About My Dad

Alicia said...

Thanks for posting this! Getting my father's day juices going...

Betsy said...

Great list! Perfect for Father's Day. I (and my toddler) also love these 2 books:
I Love My Daddy Because

Papa, Papa

Judy said...

I love these and will definitely check them out. I recently reviewed a book by Margaret Wise Brown called The Fathers Are Coming Home which is very sweet, especially if you have someone in the military. (I am giving away a first edition copy of it when I get more followers.)

Alicia said...

This list is great especially since Father's Day is around the corner! I have heard of some of these but will have to head to the library to check out the other ones. Thanks!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Definitely going to have to check out #1. Who can argue with a daddy?

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

aw. Great post! I love seeing a list of books involving dads ;) Thanks.

Btw, found you on the link up at Ohamanda's.

Kevin and Kristina said...

Great lists!! Can't wait to try and find a few of these.

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

Great list - several I'm going to have to go find! Daddy hugs is one of our favorites too. Last year for father's day, my mom gave my husband (and B) a book called My Father the Dog - it's pretty humorous. I may have to write it up in the coming weeks.

oh amanda said...

So fun, Vanessa! My fave is a Father/Daughter book called, "I'd Be Your Princess":

There is a mother/son version that I recently bought for Asa and it's super cute, too!

Michelle said...

What a great booklist :0)

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