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May 18, 2010

I don't know about you, but I like looking at how other people organize their homes. I like reading home decor magazines, taking house tours on blogs, and just observing my friend's homes.

After sending Meghan some pics of our favorite reading spots around our house and after reading my friend Amanda's  fun show-and-tell post about her craft closet last week, I started thinking about bookshelves.

Here's one I've been drooling over for quite some time now:

I have no idea what it was originally intended for--dish rack, maybe? But I LOVE the way Sharilyn from Lovely Design uses it for holding her daughter's books. I am on the lookout for one just like this. (You should click through and check out her blog--I am constantly looking at her home for design inspiration! She's amazing!)

I thought I'd share a few of our bookshelves--we have many spots for books around the house. Here are a few favorites: 

This is supposed to be used as chair, but every time Juliet sits in it, she falls over. So we use it for books, instead. Ben brought it back from Uganda when Juliet was still a baby. 

This is the book rack next to my computer desk. It holds all the books "in the batter's box" so to speak. These are the books I intend to write posts about, but somehow never get around to!

This is the ikea bookshelf in Juliet's room. As you can see by the stuffed-to-the-limit drawers, we really don't own enough stuffed animals. I should do something about that.

And lastly, this is the shelf in my bedroom. I keep some of the older, more fragile vintage books in here. Also some of the books that I'm saving for when Juliet is older. I think there might be one or 12 baby name books on that shelf, too.

I just read a really interesting post about children's home libraries (at Nursery Notations) that features pictures of really incredible book rooms like this one of Kelly Wearstler's home. (featured in Cookie Magazine last year).

My house is not big enough to devote an entire room to books, but I do like looking at them!

What do you store your books in? Tell me about them!


The Activity Mom said...

great post! I love this kind of thing! =)

Annette W. said...

We are not creative. Bookshelves in M's room, basket in E's room (soon his shelf will be in his room), bookshelf in toy room, and another one waiting to be finished for E. We also have books on our night stands and a big shelf in the spare bedroom. Older kid books from when I taught are in the basement in boxes. Oh, I'd love a library in my home!

Jackie said...

Thanks for all of your ideas. I have tried lots of ways to contain, I mean store our books. I even put most of them in a plastic tote box and only would bring out 10 or 12 at a time. I am getting braver now. I have some in the kids' rooms, some in our room, some on our rain gutter shelf in the basement, some on a higher shelf in the basement, some in storage with my preschool materials, and some in our living room. I gave away a ton of books a few year ago to the Goodwill. This year of teaching preschool I remembered several titles I wish I would have kept. I love books, but keeping them under control has always been a problem for me.

Jen said...

Great post. For each holiday, I have a book basket. (cheap plastic bin from $) These books come out around that holiday. Lots of wicker baskets with books around the house and a book shelf in girls room. I need a book shelf for me. Also, books scattered everywhere around the house that need a home! lol

Leigh said...

Have you seen those great kids' bookshelves from Knock Off Wood? I'm going to put these next to the boys' beds when we get them into bunkbeds...

Meghan said...

I adore Kelly Wearstler's striking - and I like that you could keep the vintage/more delicate books up high! Great post, Vanessa :)

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

We have that same Ikea cube shelf! Ours is white and while it once held books, with two children it is now filled up with toy bins. (Target's fabric bins fit perfectly.) We have a bookshelf for all the girls' books which is pretty much full and three large bookshelves for the adult books. I want to eventually put up rain gutter chair railing to hold "select" books, like my sister has:

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

Jen--I love the holiday book basket idea--such a convenient way to keep those books contained!
Leigh--I love those shelves! Thanks for the link!
Meghan--I thought you might like a little Kelly Wearstler! :)
Christianne--your sister's shelves are amazing! Thanks for the link! I'm getting such great ideas from these comments--thanks, everyone!

Mrs. Santos said...

Hello~ popped over from barefooted blessings.

My children have a bookshelf in their room for what we own, but we are usually reading library books. We keep all our library books in a wooden baby cradle. This helps us to avoid late fees ;) 'cause we can actually find them when they are due. When we have no library books then the baby dolls have a place to sleep.

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