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May 29, 2010

Bedtime books are special because they help lull your child into sleep. (Well, that's what I hope they do, anyway.) I love this genre because there are so many beautiful options to choose from and they facilitate special bonding moments with your child.

Incorporating reading into your bedtime routine is one of the best ways to work time for reading into your day. If you start early, your child will naturally want to read before going to bed when he is older.

I'm no sleep expert, but I have personally found that whenever we read a few books before bedtime or naptime, Juliet always falls asleep more easily than when we skip it. (We've only skipped a few times and the reaction is never good.) But again, I'm not saying these books will make your child sleep, they are just a nice way to ease into bedtime.

Time for Bed [Proprietary]
Time for Bed by Mem Fox
This is my absolute favorite bedtime book for babies. The repetition is soothing and it's just a pleasure to read aloud.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Kate Toms
This book is based on the song, but has it's own special twist. It also has some fun textured stars that are perfect for little hands to touch and get actively involved in the story.

Counting Kisses ; Oversize BIG 10" x 10" Board Book
Counting Kisses by Karen Katz
This book fits so many genres, but it's so good, it's worth mentioning over and over again. The last line is "one last kiss on your sleepy dreamy head and now it's time for baby's bed." Perfect way to end the day.

MY GOODNIGHT BOOK by Eloise Wilkin (1981 Board book 9 1/2 x 6 inches, 12 pages. Western Publishing)
MY GOODNIGHT BOOK by Eloise Wilkin 
I love Eloise Wilkin's illustrations, so this is one of my favorites. Maybe you remember reading it as a child.

Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
A classic and a huge favorite at our house.

Good Night, Gorilla (oversized board book)
Good Night, Gorilla  by Peggy Rathmann
I can't remember exactly how old Juliet was before she thought this was funny, but it sure is a great one to own.

Good Night World (Good Night Our World series)Good Night Texas (Good Night Our World series)Good Night Seattle (Good Night Our World series)Good Night Los Angeles (Good Night Our World series)Good Night Maine (Good Night Our World series)Good Night Georgia (Good Night Our World series)Good Night California (Good Night Our World series)Good Night New Hampshire (Good Night Our World series)
Good Night Georgia (Good Night Our World series)
Have you seen these books yet? We don't have the Georgia one, but I would love to get it for Lucia. They have a lot more cities and states, so if you don't see yours pictured, try searching for it!

What are your favorite bedtime books for babies?

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