vintage old macdonald songbook for kids

April 7, 2010

I found some fun songbooks at goodwill the other day. (By now, you probably know that I collect these things!) 

The first one is a fun Old MacDonald book illustrated by Abner Graboff. It's pretty old and some of the pages have come loose from the binding, but the illustrations are so fun, I thought it was worth repairing. 

These jolly pigs make me smile. They are so happy to be getting their carrots!

These chicks inspired a quick "waiting for dinner" craft the other night. 

We got the inkpad out and made the classic thumbprint chicks. We made a few and then Juliet mostly had fun smearing all the ink colors together. Now instead of green, red, blue, and orange, we have something closer to grayish-brown. 


What are some of your favorite "waiting for dinner" activities? How do you pass the time with little ones? 


Ana said...
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Ana said...

I love old MacDonald! and my daughter does too. Emma and I usually sing and dance, there's always something playing on our iTunes, we have an enormous collection of kids songs, the type that's also adult-appealing.

Playing by the book said...

hmm, *my* favourite waiting for dinner activity? Opening a bottle of wine... But I guess that's not what you meant ;-)

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