top ten tuesday: beautiful bookplates on etsy

April 27, 2010

So yesterday, I shared the tragic state of Juliet's bookplate-less books and a link to how to make your own bookplates. There were also some links to beautiful free ones available online. 

But if you like outsourcing your work from time to time like I do, here are 10 beautiful bookplate options that you can BUY. I went to etsy and found these gorgeous creatures: 

1. choose your own design from greenwithenvy81

2. Custom Bookplate Monogram Rubber Stamp (I love the idea not ordering 300+ bookplates, but just ONE stamp that takes care of all of them!

7. Bike with training wheels (a more boyish option)

8. another great stamp option: school of fish stamp

10. The book fairy bookplates (probably my favorite!)

There are so many more beautiful options on etsy; I was sad that I had to stop at 10! Which is your favorite? Do you have a great place where you buy beautiful bookplates? Leave a comment and let me know!

Head over to for more great top 10 lists!


Jenny said...

Cute, the first one is my favorite.

oh amanda said...

Oh, LOVE this, Vanessa! I had a stamp when I was a was a pic of a row of books with my name beneath. I still love that thing. I think I want to order one for myself!!

{ooh, and you just gave me a great idea for a gift for Lydia, too!}

VanderbiltWife said...

The book fairy and Red Riding Hood ones are to die for!! LOVE IT!

My sister is an elementary school teacher and I bet she would adore some of these for her classroom books, too!

Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

Overwhelmed. By. The. Cuteness. Wow, I love these! Especially the bike and the dino ones. Gorgeous!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Etsy is one wonderful and dangerous website. I have lost hours in there, making my wallet significantly lighter! You always find the best link-ups. I'll have to try to remember this party in coming weeks.

Jennifer said...

So cute! Bookplates and stamps would have never crossed my radar, but I think I may have to invest in some in the near future!

Amber @ Because Babies Grow Up said...

They are all so beautiful and cute. I love the dinosaur and the fairy ones. I'm thinking of birthday theme ideas and this has given me a great idea for a party favor. Thanks!

Oh, and I thought of you when I posted my top ten signs your little one thinks you are special. I'm so excited for you!

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