Little Rabbit's New Baby

April 21, 2010

Little Rabbit's New Baby

This is one of the first "new baby books" I found to read with Juliet. It's completely adorable and fun. I love both the story and the illustrations. 

Little Rabbit's mama is going to have a baby. He listens to her belly and says, "Hurry up, baby! Come out of my mama's tummy and play with me." (Juliet has started saying this as well!)

Mama has the baby at the rabbit hospital (on her own apparently) and then when Papa Rabbit and Little Rabbit show up to visit, they discover not one, but THREE babies. Triplets.

Papa Rabbit has to sit down. 

They take the triplets home and Little Rabbit tries to get them to play with him, but all they do is cry and sleep. He gets frustrated and angry and eventually tells them to leave him alone. 

This makes them sad and they cry inconsolably until Little Rabbit comes back, shares his toys, and rocks them to sleep. Mama is so proud of her little helper.

It's a sweet book that is fun to read over and over again. The only problem is that now Juliet is expecting me to give birth to triplets. 

Sorry, kid. NOT happening.

The only triplets in our house are these little plastic bag rabbits that I made for her one afternoon after several mentions to her upcoming "triplets". I just cut up some shopping bags, stuffed the bottoms, tied them off, stuffed another section to make the head, tied it off and fashioned some ears. 

We tied ribbon scraps around their necks and drew faces on with sharpies. Fun. Easy. Free. 

Juliet has carried these babies around the house all week and even outside for a run in the sprinkler one warm afternoon! 


Brimful Curiosities said...

I prepared my daughter for the birth of her brother by reading books like that. She easily adjusted after the birth because of the preparation.

Liz said...

Well, I think you should go ahead and have triplets! Come on, your daughter wants you to! (I always wanted twins, but it was not to be.) But I think it's very cute that you made her some! Her carrying them around reminds me of "Janet's Thingamajigs," an old picture book by Beverly Cleary. Janet finds little things every day puts them in a paper bag and carries them around -- and it drives her twin brother berserk, because of course once she has something, he wants them. Universal tale of sibling rivalry, and beautifully done. And for a great book on kids and friends, look at "Sewing a Friendship." A 10-year-old wrote it! That makes it from a child's perspective, which is always valuable. And it has great lessons on friendship, on what kids can do when they put their minds to it, on solving problems. All kinds of good stuff.

Jenny said...

LOL about having triplets! Those are cute little bunnies!

Playing by the book said...

Harry Horse is a favourite here - his characters are always adorable!

vanessa said...

Thanks for the great suggestions, Liz! I loved Beverly Cleary books as a child. Haven't read any with Juliet yet, though.

Zoe, this is our first Harry Horse book and I am smitten! I'll be looking for more very soon.

Raising a Happy Child said...

This book looks very cute. Too funny about triplets - Anna expects me to give her a baby brother any minute, and I am not even pregnant :) I really liked your craft too!

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