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April 16, 2010


Just wanted to give you all the heads up that I am hosting Feed Me Books Friday next Friday! The lovely Janna @ the adventure of motherhood has allowed me to host the weekly event on here on my blog on April 23.

If you've never joined in or experienced Feed Me Books Friday, head over today and check it out! You'll find a lot of other book lovers and lots of great book recommendations.

There are no hard and fast rules to this link-up opportunity--all you have to do is right a post about a book (or two or three) that you and your children love and then link up!

For today, I'd like to share some new favorites (for us) that you are probably already familiar with.

Baby Sister for Frances

A Baby Sister for Frances by Russell Hoban

Birthday for Frances

Birthday for Frances by Russel Hoban

Did you read these books as a child? I know I did. I tried checking them out several months ago, but found them to be too text-heavy for Juliet at that stage. A friend recently mentioned that her daughter was really into these books right now, so I thought I would try again and...Juliet loves them!

She sits and listens through the entire story! I'm looking forward to checking out more of these and hopefully stumbling across some good second-hand copies at our Goodwill someday soon.

Do you have a favorite Frances book?


Shonda said...

That sounds fun. I'm going to start featuring favorite books on my site, so I'll try to link up! -Shonda @ Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow

Chrissy @ Home.Kids.Life. said...

Great books. We have a Frances one somewhere....about the tea set...I'm going to have to go find it! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for visiting my blog a few days ago. I wanted to check out your blog, and I'm so glad I did! You will be a great resource for me; my children love reading, and they are right around your daughter's age--4, 2 1/2, and 11 mos.
Have a great weekend!

Janna said...

We check them out but I have to read only about half of the text. Except for the Frances says goodnight.

I adore the illustrations and I love how Frances is always making up songs and such a distinct personality. I'm hoping when she's older we can really have fun with them b/c I like talking like Frances:)

Elise said...

Feed Me Books Friday sounds like a wonderful weekly event. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting books for my children. I am also keen to participate in this.

We have not read any of the Frances books. I will have to find out more about these.

Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes with regard to the arrival of our baby girl. Your kind words made me smile!

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