vintage moving van book for preschoolers

March 9, 2010

Merton and His Moving Van by Mabel Watts, Illustrated by Art Seiden, published 1970 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. 

I found this book on our 25 cent library book cart! It was such a find because it is in great condition--it doesn't have that musty, old book smell and the pages aren't torn or written on. 

I LOVE the illustrations in this book and thought I would share a few with you today. We've enjoyed reading about this moving van and one family's move from the city to the country. 

This is the inside cover--I love the bright colors!

Check out the old TV! I love it! Juliet probably has no idea what that thing is. 

Here's the van all packed up! I love that baby carriage. 

Here are the Dugans heading off for their new country home--don't you love the little boy sitting in the front sit with mom? No carseat for him!

And here they are in their blissful country homestead. Everyone has an animal to cuddle and there are flowers everywhere! Makes me want to move to the country, too!

Do you have any favorite Moving Van books or vintage favorites to share?

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Jamee said...

i LOVE the illustrations beautiful

Elise said...

Vintage books have some of the most captivating and interesting illustrations that are a great springboard for discussion.

Thank you for sharing the link about the alphabet prints, what a wonderfully kind gesture to offer those as a free download. I am going to print one off for Savvy and Blakie.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Wow, super cute find. I love the old, hardcover, sweetly illustrated books like this one. I don't suppose Ill be able to find it at the library, but it doesn't hurt to check. :-)

Maya at memetales said...

Haha - no carseat for him :)
I always notice these things - and I want my kids not to worry about reality as much when they read.

Lovely book and pictures

Also a great blog! I discovered you through Amber Passey's blog and I love it!

nocton4 said...

that looks lots of fun x

hopeistheword said...

Oh, I love it! What a treasure! It is funny to go back and see the way things used to be.

I am SO GLAD you joined up with Read Aloud Thursday this week! :-) Your blog looks fabulous! I'm going to poke around right now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. This was my FAVORITE book as a child. My parents read it over and over... Somehow over the years it has disappeared. I enjoyed seeing the illustrations once again.

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

It's a beautiful book! I can understand why it was your favorite. :)

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