Top Ten Tuesday: Where I Find Books

March 3, 2010

I am always looking for new books and for the most part, I enjoy just looking through bookshelves at bookstores and at the library. Honestly, I am rarely looking for a particular book because I prefer just seeing what I will find. It's fun for me. I like the mystery of it and the thrill of not knowing what I might stumble across.

The only problem with my method is that I am limited to the selection of my specific goodwill or thrift store or library. So, when I want to get a better idea of what books are out there and what I might be missing out on, I check out one or all of the following.

I like this site because all the books featured are vintage books. She posts excellent images to go along with her reviews (which is helpful to me because the illustrations are a huge part of how I choose books for Juliet) and she also has convenient links to other works by the same author. I've learned a lot about some of my favorite authors such as Jack Kent, Don Freeman, and Paul Galdone. She also has an etsy shop where she sells some of her extra vintage books.

This blog features Little Golden Books. All the pages of the featured books are scanned, so you can easily see the entire book. There are a lot that I remember reading when I was a kid--so it is fun to scroll through her site. I should mention that this is another vintage book site (I kind of have a thing for them). If you find a particular illustrator that you really love, you might find more of his/her work on this site. I realized that I had been collecting Aurelius Battaglia's books, so I looked him up to see what else he had done. I found her scans of The Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs and fell in love with the illustrations. I just recently purchased it via Alibris.

I love this blog--she's a mother of 5 and she "writes about where design and motherhood intersect." It's not a book blog, but she does do book reviews from time to time. If you go to her main page and scroll down, there is a "Book of the Week" button on the right hand side that you can click on and read reviews of a lot of great books. She has reviewed one of my favorites In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck.

Another site I really love that is not specifically a book site. On the left hand side, you will see a button that says "book reviews." Click it for some images and reviews of some fabulous looking new books. I am intrigued by Follow the Line Around the World by Laura Ljungkvist and have put it on our Wish List!

This is a really great site for parents. I've mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again. You sign up for a free account and you have access to all their media reviews which include many books. The best thing to me is that they have age suggestions and they also tell you WHY they suggest a particular age. They are always sure to mention potential scary elements, mature themes (like death and divorce, for example). It's helpful to me because I can use that information to make my own decision about it's appropriateness for Juliet. You aren't required to put in your child's age, but I did and it now gives me suggestions for books, movies, TV shows, etc. that are appropriate for her age. There is also a place where parents can write their own reviews for books, but these are in addition to the reviews done by the site's own editors.

This is another good blog/bookstore that I go to for new children's books. They always feature fresh selections in the style I like. Two books that I found (the first of which I promptly put on our wishlist) via this site are Charley Harper's ABC (yes, another one.) And In My Nest (not on my wishlist, but on my baby shower gift idea list).

I'd love to hear your go-to sources for finding great books. Leave a comment and let me know!


Caroline Starr Rose said...

As I writer, I mainly follow kitlit blogs (I see you do, too!).

Though the books Amanda reviews might be for kids older than yours, I highly recommend

A Patchwork of Books

Raising a Happy Child said...

I get a lot of ideas from my WMCIR linky. Many participants have kids slightly older than Anna, so it works out well. And, of course, I come to your blog :) Interestingly, I happen to have "Follow the Line" on my request list from the library :)

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