st. patrick's day bib necklace: easy preschool craft and book

March 15, 2010

You know those gorgeous bib necklaces that are in style right now? Juliet and I attempted to craft our own St. Patrick's Day version of them. We needed something green to wear on the big day and this is what we came up with after reading St. Patrick's Day by Brenda Haugen, Illustrated by Sheree Boyd.

St. Patrick's Day (Holidays and Celebrations Ser)

I liked that this book was simple and to the point. It answered Juliet's question, "What's St. Patrick's Day?" far better than my original answer, "It's a day you wear green." (Terrible answer, I know. Especially since my great-grandmother was Irish!) 

The books tells a little bit about St. Patrick, then shows a map with a boat sailing from Ireland to America and discusses how the Irish people brought St. Patrick's Day to America. It then details some fun celebrations and traditions. 

I did some prep work for this one. I cut the felt and sewed the shamrocks and ribbon on before giving them to Juliet to embellish with rhinestones. As I was sewing the shamrocks, she asked, "Can you make one for Puppy?" I said, "Sure." And she said, "He wants a pink one." So that's why there is a pink shamrock there. What puppy wants, puppy gets. 

(I used this pattern to cut out the shamrocks, if you are interested: shamrock patterns)

I expected Juliet to go crazy with the jewels, but instead, she went really simple and chic. 

Here's her finished product--it's big, but she loves it. 

I on the other hand, went a bit wacky with the jewels and lost all motivation for sewing and took the slacker way out and glued the shamrocks on. Mine is considerably less cute!

And Puppy? Well, he always looks good. Especially sitting in his pot-o-gold.

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nocton4 said...

wonderful, made me smile ... happy days xx

Kimbo West said...

love it! your blog is adorable!!! found you on skip to my lou

Ben said...

Awesome - so glad I searched for St. Patrick Day crafts!

Anonymous said...

Love that you suggest a book that actually explains the holiday instead of expecting kids to know what it is! Thanks!

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