st. patrick's day activity and books for preschoolers

March 16, 2010

Here's a matching game I put together for Juliet fairly easily. I printed out the shamrock pattern match game, glued one set to the inside of an old game box and put the other set in a "pot of gold." She had fun matching up the patterns. If you didn't want to print the shamrocks out, you could make your own using scrapbook paper and a shamrock pattern.

I asked my friend lovely and talented Irish friend Megan @ When I Grow Up for some St. Patrick's Day book suggestions and she recommended these from her own collection:

I love this for a baby! Cloth books are perfect for infants and this one is so detailed and beautiful. 

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning (Clarion books)

I looked for this one at our library and they do have it, but it was checked out! I'll have to wait till it gets returned. I do love Eve Bunting, so I know it is probably one we'll enjoy. 

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland

Though, not recommended by Megan, this is a book that I hoped to find as well, but our library system doesn't have a copy at all. Maybe next year, we'll get lucky. 

And finally, a craft that I will be reusing for St. Patrick's Day! Remember our felt flags of the world? We made an Irish flag, so it's hanging proud this week!

What St. Patrick's Day activities or books are you enjoying this week? Find more ideas at Fanstastic Find and the Leprechaun Linky Party at Creative and Curious Kids and ABC and 123!


Ticia said...

Too many fun things to do, not enough time.....

Raising a Happy Child said...

Very pretty creation below, and nice review of St Patrick's book. We read a simple Hooray for St Patrick's Day (kind of similar to your St Patrick's Day) and another book by Eve Bunting - That's What Leprechauns Do.

Ana said...

That's lovely, we love cloth books and St Patrick's day + Irish Stew ♥ :)

Kevin and Kristina said...

I love file folder activities! I used to do them all the time with my students. Great use of the game box. I've used pizza boxes before too. We are going to have to try this one tomorrow!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for linking over at Creative and Curious Kids! Cute game for St. Patty's Day.


Meghan said...

Great post, Vanessa - thanks for the sweet mention. Love the shamrocks and the flag crafts. You really are amazing!

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