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You need a small and a large cap, a puffball for the tail, paper ears, a googly eye, and a sequin and some whiskers.
Wondering where I got the whiskers? Just snipped a few strands off a kitchen scrub brush and glued them on. (While Juliet was able to glue all the bigger pieces, these whiskers were really tiny and hard for me to hold even, so I glued those on for her.)
I even got in on the fun and made one, too. We used some of our easy to peel foam letter stickers to spell our “bunny” and “rabbit.” Words of the week. After they dried, I applied some magnetic tape to the back and we hung them on the fridge!
The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry
Nobody does bunnies better than Richard and Patricia Scarry–I love their illustrations! This is a favorite of ours from our home library. It’s better suited for 1 to 2 year olds, but we still like reading it together from time to time.
Do you have any favorite bunny books to share?
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