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March 23, 2010

The Pop-Up Color Book with Magic Color Wheels

I've mentioned this book before--I found it in a thrift store and wasn't sure what to think of it at first. After owning it for several months, it has become one of Juliet's very favorite reads. 

A little gray bunny wishes to be another color, so he visits Jack Frost for some help. 

There are a lot of flaps and pull-tabs which make it fun for a three year old. The story makes use of color-mixing--red and blue make a purple bunny; yellow and blue make him green, etc. 

I saw this fun color-mixing activity idea on Mom Tried It. Juliet LOVED it! We just used an old egg carton, water, and food coloring. I placed the three primary colors in three spots and filled the rest with regular water. Juliet used her dropper to squeeze the colors and mix them. 

She liked this activity so much, we've done it several times since that first day. 

Do you have any favorite color books to share? 

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Kim said...

I am so glad Juliet liked it. My son just loves doing this. He asks to "experiment with colors" all of the time. Thanks for the book recommendation with it. We will have to try to find that one. I bet Cole would get a kick out of it.
Thank you for linking up. :-)

Katy said...

Thank yo so much for visiting my site--your site is just beautiful! Hope you don't mind if I look around for a while.

htebazile said...

My son used to love doing this activity when he was younger! It kept him busy while I made dinner : ) After he was finished mixing his colors he would paint paper towels or coffee filters.

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