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March 5, 2010

I received a bunch of blog awards recently and am very behind in posting about them, so I thought I would do a big post on them all. First of all, THANK YOU so much to all of you who gave me these awards! I am honored that you think so highly of me. 

Crafts-n-things for Children awarded me with two awards. The first is the beautiful blogger award and the second is the Over the Top Award. Snoodles Doodles also gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. 

My Book Retreat has given me the Honest Scrap award. 

Now of course, there are many different rules for accepting each award, but I'm going to try and combine them the best I can. 

First, to mention and pass on the award to some other bloggers, I'll mention some blogs that I really love:

And now for 10 things about myself: 

1. I love cats. And not in a "they are sweet animals, but one is enough" kind of way. Were it not for Ben, I'd very likely have 4 or 5. Yes. I'd be THAT CRAZY CAT LADY. Don't judge me. 

2. Most embarassing high school moment: At a swim meet, I dove in, and scraped my nose on the bottom of the pool. When I came out, I tried to play it off. One of my teammates asked, "Um, did you hit the bottom?" I said, "No! Of course not!" And he said, "I think you need to go look in the mirror." Yeah. Totally scraped ALL the skin off my nose. 

3. Orange juice is my coffee. 

4. I don't like watching movies more than once. 

5. I might be addicted to cheese. 

6. I was sure I would HATE blogging. And then I started and fell in love with it. 

7. Even though he doesn't comment, my husband Ben is my number one blog fan. (Just checking to see if you are reading!)

8. If I spent as much time cleaning my house as I do blogging, you could probably perform open heart surgery in here. 

9. If I spent as much time blogging as I do cleaning, this is what you would have to enjoy: h. 

10. I hope to travel to Spain one day. It's been my dream for a long time. 

Okay, so that is probably more than you probably wanted to read about me, but there it is!

Thanks again for all the awards!


The Activity Mom said...

ha ha love the blogging and cleaning comparisons. =)

Ticia said...

I'm with you on the blogging versus cleaning.

Ana said...

Congrats! ♥

artsy_momma said...

Hopefully our kids will enjoy all the memories we are blogging about :) Blogging is so much more fun than cleaning!

Kim said...

I loved finding out those neat things about you. :-)

Thank you for the mention above. I really love your blog, too. As you can see I read every day (even though I do not comment every day, sorry :-( )

Bobbi said...

LOL on the cat lady! We must be long lost sisters. I have 3 indoor kitties. Then when we moved into our home the previous owners left two female cats-one had 4 babies. So I have been feeding them, along with 2 others who must have heard about the lady handing out free food. One of the females left behind had a litter of kittens (everyone is now fixed) but the other female who hasnt yet gotten fixed is now pg. {sigh} I became the cat lady by default, but you know, I love every single one of them! I keep telling my husband if we ever move im gonna have to take them all with me! I couldn't leave them behind! LOL

Chels said...

Congrats on such wonderful blog awards. Great list too. Definitely agree with 8 and 9. My bathroom screams to me sometimes. I of course ignore it and keep on blogging! I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to do more house work! ☺

Meghan said...

Vanessa!! CONGRATS on all your awards...definitely well deserved!! And I was SO incredibly honored to be mentioned as a blog you enjoy! Thanks so much!

oh amanda said...

vanessa, your blogging cleaning analogy made me laugh out loud!! you and me both!

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