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February 23, 2010

Winter Friends

Winter Friends by Mary Quattlebaum, Illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

I'm always looking for good poetry books to read with Juliet because I am trying to fill her head with beautiful language. I hope to instill a love of poetry in her, so that one day she will chose to read it on her own.

I was really excited to find this one at the library last week. It's a collection of winter-themed poetry, so each page is a different poem. But the poems all connect to each other and with the help of the beautiful illustrations, it almost reads like a story.

Here's the first poem in the book:

After the Storm

I cold-toe creep
to the window to see
the covers heaped
on each bare tree,
piled high and deep
on bin and street.
The city's tucked up,
fast asleep.

In violet slippers
and pink-striped robe,
dawn peeks at the world
in its white nightclothes,
smoothes the sheets,
and lets it sleep.

My favorite image is that of dawn moving about in violet slippers and pink-striped robe. What a beautiful way to describe a sunrise.

It's winter, and although it is cold here, we haven't seen much snow. I thought it would be fun to do a snowflake craft today.

I saw this idea at lovely design (amazing blog!) and knew Juliet would love it. I taped a piece of contact paper (sticky side facing out) onto one of our windows. Then I punched out a bunch of snow flakes--Juliet even joined in and helped with this part of the project--and placed them in a bowl near the window.

Juliet began placing the snowflakes onto the sticky surface to make her snowflake collage.

She was laughing and giggling as she placed the snowflakes. When she placed these she said, "Look! They are holding hands!"

Of course, she couldn't keep the fun to herself, so she invited her puppy to join in the fun.

Now we have a beautiful snowflaked window to enjoy.


Another of our favorite snow-themed books to read is Snow by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman. Juliet even said, "Snow! Snow! Come out in the snow!"as she was placing some of her snowflakes on the windows.

Do you have any good poetry books or winter activity ideas to share?


Jamee said...

wonderful idea- my kiddos would love that maybe we will do that today!!

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

What a lovely project - and I think Puppy getting in on the action is fab!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Lovely collage! I will have to look for this book in the library. Of course our winters look more like spring anywhere else - our fruit trees are the only white that we see :)

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