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February 26, 2010

Little Blue Truck

Manuelo, The Playing Mantis

The Color Kittens (Little Golden Treasures)

Whiteblack the Penguin Sees the World

Have you checked out our list of books for February? (I can't get around to reviewing all the books we read each month, but I do add each one that we love to a list in our Recommended Books for 3 Year Olds List.) We found some really great ones this month. If you need some ideas for what to look for at the library this week, this might help! (The books pictured above are ones we especially loved.)

Even though I list books in age categories, this should not limit you in any way. I just list them under the age that Juliet was when we first read it (if she enjoyed it.) Most of the books are suitable for an age range of 2-5 or even older. I have to admit that I love a lot of these books and would read them myself even if I didn't have Juliet around, so you can push that upper age limit WAY up.

I was guest posting at Impress Your Kids yesterday, if you are interested--head on over and check it out!

And can I just say that seeing that I now have 101 followers with faces just makes me smile all day long? Thank you so much for all of you who read my blog and who follow and subscribe and comment--it just makes this all the more fun. I appreciate you all so much.

You honor me every time you show up.  

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ana said...

I love this list! That Manuelo the playing mantis book loos like one we would enjoy... Thanks for sharing Vanessa♥

Raising a Happy Child said...

I love reading your blog. You really provide a lot of help to everyone out there looking for a quality children literature. Keep up good work :)

pussreboots said...

I LOVE the Color Kitties! I read my copy to death as a kid.

Meghan said...

Hi Vanessa! Paddy just received Little Blue Truck as a gift - I am so happy to hear that you like it - now I can't wait to read it!

Congrats on all your followers :)

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