My Heart Is Like a Zoo

Happy Valentines Day! I just wanted to share ONE LAST Valentines craft with you. I just discovered a wonderful book blog called Little Page Turners.

Christianne is the mother of two girls and is also into making book-inspired valentines.

Here you will get to know the mechanism with which the auto trading software operates. The auto trading software makes use of the technical analysis to generate trade signals. The study of charts is used widely in this software. Technical analysts are those who study the charts and price patterns and make use of technical indicators to generate trade signals.


Technical analysis has some benefits. The major one is that unlike financial analysis where you have to do the modeling for each asset class separately, in technical analysis the same logic applies all throughout. So you can trade the stock market or the Forex or the commodity market with the same rules when you use technical analysis to trade in the market.


Which is better?


In the traders community there is still a debate on which method of analysis is more reliable. However if the truth be told then one may not be able to say with certainty about which method of analysis is better. In some cases the technical analysts win over and in others the fundamental analysts have the upper hand.


It is all in the price


In technical trading there is extensive use of the chart patterns and technical indicators. The trader looks for the high probability support and resistance levels and this lets them generate trade signals using the charts. The trading software that is automated has an inbuilt algorithm and the software follows the algorithm carefully before it generates any trade signals. The trade is executed only when all the criteria of the trade are met.


Technical analysts study the sentiments of the traders. They believe that everything in the market is reflected in the price. Price and volume are important factors that are used to trade using charts. The technical chart plots the price and the volume of the asset and this indicates what the trader’s sentiments are. The indicators that are used in technical analysis are designed using price and volume. It is however important to note that the technical indicators should not be taken as a confirmation tool. These are in fact lagging indicators.

I just had to share this link to her Wild Hearts post which features paper valentines she made inspired by the book My Heart is Like a Zoo.

They are incredible! Definitely one you’ll want to bookmark for next year.