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February 12, 2010

A Book of Kisses

A Book of Kisses by Dave Ross inspired us to do the following activity. The book is about all the different types of kisses (hello, good-bye, I'm sorry, etc.) One page details the dreaded "Great Aunt-Mary Kisses: Watch out for the lipstick!"

I set out some index cards, a tube of red lipstick, and a mirror for Juliet. I showed her how to apply the lipstick and then let her go to town.

She applied the lipstick with the confidence of a woman who has been wearing lipstick her entire life! It was hilarious to watch. Of course, it ended up all over her face.

But it also ended up on the cards.

After she finished, we turned the S.W.A.K-ed index cards into mini valentines. We wrote the names of the people we wanted to give them to next to the kisses.

Here's one I especially like: it's both of our kiss prints side by side. I'm keeping this one as a special memory of our third valentine's day together.


Raising a Happy Child said...

I love the idea of two kisses together. I bet Anna would enjoy it too, but my husband would freak out - he is not a makeup guy, especially for little girls. He hardly remember to brush her hair when he gets her to school in the morning :)

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

So cute! And I'm so glad I found you! Feel free to drop by my blog any time... us bibliophile mommies need to stick together. :) New follower!

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