With all the Olympic buzz in our house, Juliet and I decided to make some medals both for ourselves and for some of her dolls.  This was cheap, easy, and fun.
We started with three large plastic bottle caps (juice caps), a bowl of glue, and some glitter (conveniently, we had gold, silver, and bronze!)
Juliet dipped the caps in glue,
Then sprinkled ONE METRIC TON of glitter onto each.
She repeated the process with these three pasta lid tops. (The first round of plastic caps were the doll ones and these fancy metal ones were for us!)
We let them dry on a piece of wax paper. And after a few hours of dry time, I sprayed the with hairspray to seal in the glitter. (If you normally shy away from glitter, the hairspray really worked! It sealed it well and we have had minimal glitter transfer.)

I hot-glued ribbon to each medal and then they were ready for wearing!Traders have been waiting for the auto trading software for years and it has now gone live. This helpful resource will let you trade any market with lot of ease. You also have the option to trade manually using the software. So in case you are a professional trader then make use of this software and also your trade research to increase the odds of making money with the trade.

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Juliet chose the bronze one as the one she wanted to wear (She has no idea what the colors mean and I didn’t have the heart to tell her. She still thinks that everyone wins a race. She’ll find out one day.)

Here’s a close up of our three medals. I think they turned out kind of pretty and the bronze really is the most stylish. My girl has good taste.
And here’s a doll rockin’ the silver.
The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race (First Time Books(R))


Two books that feature races and winners that we love to read are The Berenstain Bears and The Big Road Race and
Bicycle Race
Bicycle Race by Donald Crews. Juliet even made a reference to this book while we were watching speed skating the other day. She mentioned “number 9” as she was cheering. (Number 9 wins the race in this book.)
Do you have any favorite race or sports books? Leave a comment and let me know!