how to make tissue paper flowers for valentines day

February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Everywhere

I learned how to make these beautiful paper flowers from Happy Birthday Everywhere! by Arlene Erlbach. Listed in the Brazil section, these are said to be traditional birthday party decorations.

Although, these require a little too much finger dexterity for a three-year old, this activity would be fun for older children who are able to fold paper and tightly bend pipe cleaners.

I made these flowers and Juliet enjoyed playing with them all afternoon.

To begin, place six sheets of tissue paper in a pile. Fold it accordian style until you have one strip.

Next, wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle. (This should be tight.)

Bend the two ends up and wrap the bottom of the flower with another pipe cleaner. You last step is to pull apart the layers. As you pull, the flower takes its shape.

It's pretty forgiving--I had various sizes of paper piles and they all seemed to work fine. Sometimes I ripped the paper as I was pulling the layers apart, but it still looked okay--especially, since it was just going to be thrown around the house by a three-year-old all day!

I made several colors and Juliet enjoyed arranging them in a vase. Later, I threw them "on stage" after she had treated me to a concert of her favorite songs of the week, and lastly, we pretended to be Robert the Rose Horse from the book Robert the Rose Horse  by Joan Heilbroner.

Robert the Rose Horse (Beginner Books(R))

After playing Robert, I thought it only fitting that we make a red one that looked more like the rose in the book. It would also be good for Valentines Day which is coming up soon!

In Valentines Day by Brenda Haugen, it says this, "Flowers are gifts of love on Valentines Day...Pretty red roses are symbols of love."

I thought it only fitting to take my red rose...

And give it to my cat. Happy Valentines Day, Penny.

For more flower tutorials, check out Somewhat Simple's Flower Party!


Chels said...

A flower that never dies...perfect for me! I'll add some of these to my dining room table! ♥

Michelle said...

We used to love doing these when we were little, my mom would spritz them with a little bit of her perfume to make them smell too!

Jackie said...

Those look like they are simple to make. Thanks for the idea! By the way, I think your new header looks really cute. I may need to find out what you did to make the train. My boys are really into trains. :-)

Ana said...

Im loving all your projects Vanessa :)

LeahM said...

I love the new look on your blog (up top).. maybe it's been awhile but I haven't been reading as much lately!

I am also amazed with how often you do crafts with Juliet. Abby would wish she could go to your house and play every day....if only we could be so crafty. :)

Rose said...

WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Keep on posting.

Z-Kids said...

My girls love making tissue paper flowers -- and we love receiving them!

Lady of Letters said...

Those paper flowers are simple and yet so effective...I used to make them when I was little, thanks for reminding me of them!

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