how to make a cupid's costume for a child's toy

February 10, 2010

We saw this picture of Cupid in one of our Valentine's Day books and decided that puppy needed a costume. It was really easy to do--all you need are some pipe cleaners, glue, paper, feathers, a piece of ribbon, and a piece of yarn. 

To make the wings, cut out a heart, glue some white feathers on one side and a ribbon (long enough to tie around the toy's neck) to the other side. 

The bow and arrow are made from pipe cleaners, yarn, and paper. I just bent the pipe cleaners until they resembled some sort of bow, tied on the string and was done. Then I cut out the tip and end piece of the arrow and glued them on. 

Tie the wings around the toy's neck and place the bow and arrow in its arms. 

Now, puppy's all ready to shoot an unsuspecting passerby with an arrow of love!

I think this would be really cute on a naked baby doll, but Juliet insisted that puppy be the recipient of the costume. 


Jackie said...

That is a cute idea! You are just so creative.

Ana said...

That is so cute ♥ I love it!

Ticia said...

That is so cute. My kids would love it.

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