I saw this idea in a local parent magazine and thought Juliet and I would give it a try.

Start by folding a piece of paper in half. Then place your child’s hand with the thumb and pointer finger slightly overlapping the folded edge.Click here for more info to know how you can trade using the auto trading software without being in front of your computer.  When you are trading manually in the market then if you are an intraday trader then you will need to continuously sit in front of the laptop to take the trade or monitor them. You will also have to sell the trade when your target price is reached. However when you trade using the robotic trading software then all these steps is done for you by the trading software itself.


This is very beneficial since you can do other activities when the software is taking trades on your behalf. The other benefit is that you can participate in many markets at the same time with the robotic trading software. The robotic trading software also trades for you when you are having your food, or sleeping at night.

The section in between the thumb and the pointer finger will become the heart–can you see how it is forming one half of the heart shape? It took me a few tries to get her fingers positioned into the most attractive heart-shape.


Trace her hand and you will have something like this to cut out. (This is one of the earlier jaggedy-edged hearts!) I finally figured out that I should just shape the heart edge with my scissors even if I didn’t trace her hand that perfectly.


Here’s what it looks like when you open it up!


She only let me do three rounds of tracing, but it turns out one would have been enough. I just used one of the cutouts as a pattern and cut several more while she decorated her hands with love messages to her grandparents.
I made the colorful one out of scrapbook paper pictured above as a keepsake for myself!
If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out the handprint swans for February at Handprint and Footprint Art–she has tons of great ideas and instructions for making your own calendar with your child’s handprints. I think this would be such a great grandparent Christmas gift idea.
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