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January 14, 2010

Raggedy Ann and the Daffy Taffy Pull: A Hallmark Pop-Up Book

Here's another one of our favorite books from our home library. I found this at Goodwill (where I find 99 percent of our books!) I don't know anything about it except that Juliet is obsessed with it.

Part of it's allure is the tabs and switches that you can pull and turn--she loves books that invite interaction. This page shows a thought cloud above Raggedy Ann's head--you can turn a wheel and make her think of different objects that she needs to make the taffy. For some reason, Juliet always insists that she think about the butter.

This page always makes me laugh because Raggedy Ann says, "It's hard to think when your head is stuffed full of cotton!" I like to read this in a high-pitched voice which always makes Juliet giggle.

Another reason why Juliet loves it is the cooking theme. She really enjoys books that involve measuring ingredients and then cooking some sort of dessert. This page lets you stir the mixture with Andy.

And now you can pour the batter with him!

This is the last page--there is a tab that you can pull to make Raggedy Ann's eyes move back and forth...

But mostly, she ends up looking like this. (It's hard to think when your head is severed from your body!)

These are Juliet's own Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that someone made for her when she was born. They sat on a shelf in her room forever until we found this book and now suddenly, they are favorite play toys! I'm glad I found a book that could bring these dolls to life for her.

Did you have a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll growing up? Do you know of any other books that feature these characters?


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Thanks for stopping by! I had a Raggedy Ann and Andy as a girl and a big volume of the original stories.

I am also a big fan of Gilead. Wasn't it stunning? Did you read Housekeeping? I liked it, but it didn't compare.

Chels said...

I had a raggedy ann doll and loved it too! What a great book find! said...

thanks you for stopping by today it is so nice to meet you. your blog is wonderful. i care for a toddler and the books and the projects are perfect for him!
many blessings

Jill said...

I am making my "delurking" rounds and I luv Raggedy Ann & Andy! I had both as a child, and my Mom has purchased each of my kiddo's one when they were toddlers.

I even had a Raggedy Ann paper doll book.

Thanks for the trip down a Wonderful memory lane :)

inadvertent farmer said...

Thanks for blog is a great resource. We read so much but I always know there are books out there I'm 'missing' maybe with your help I will find some new treasures! Kim

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Awww.. what a sweet book! My grandmother made a Raggedy Ann doll for me when I was little, and now it's been passed along to my daughter.

I love finding new treasures at Goodwill! Sounds like Juliet will enjoy this book for years to come.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I didn't grow up here, so I never had a Raggedy Ann. My daughter is kind of indifferent to dolls at the moment - she prefers stuffed animals. I am pretty sure it's going to change at some point, but so far I am happy not to spend money on dolls and accessories - I blow it all on construction toys :)

oh amanda said...

Lydia and I just listened to Raggedy Ann on audio and LOVED it. They are so moral and teach great lessons.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

What a sweet lil book!

Playing by the book said...

I don't know Raggedy Ann per se, but I love the dolls they have at Clothkits ( Thanks for letting me know about the Pay it Forward gift in the post - I was worried it might have got lost. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my lips!

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