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January 28, 2010

I'm kind of late on the Valentines Day stuff, but don't worry! I have a lot of great books and projects to share with you over the next few weeks.

Valentines Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine and I am excited to share it with Juliet.  One of my favorite memories I have of my mother is when she stayed up all night making me a beautiful Valentines box to take to school for the party the next day.

She decorated a shoe box with red polka-dotted fabric, "upholstered" the top and trimmed it with lace. I thought it was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen and I carried it proudly to school the next day. I felt so LOVED by my mom that day. (Not that I didn't feel loved every other day, but that day was just special!)

I wish I still had that box or even a picture of it, but it only exists in my memory. So, this year, Juliet and I will set out to make our own Valentine's Day memories. I hope that I can imprint her heart the way my mom did so many years ago.

We began the festivities by making this hanging decoration. I was inspired by the pages of a beautiful book called Valentines Day by Gail Gibbons.

It was really simple to do--all the shapes are very basic. I cut out the following:

1 large heart
2 smaller hearts

For each bird: (do this twice)
1 circle (head)
1 semi-circle (body)
1 smaller semi-circle (wing)
1 triangle (tail
2 orange sticks (legs)
2 tiny orange triangles (beaks)

Extra supplies:
googly eyes
foam heart stickers
scrap ribbon
hole punch
letter stickers

Juliet helped by gluing the pieces in place. (I told her exactly where everything should go.) She did a little and I did a little. (Here's a close-up so you can see how to assemble the birds.)

I'm happy with how it turned out and it is hanging nicely over our kitchen table. It's helped get Juliet excited about the upcoming weeks.

This year, I have three goals for our Valentines celebrations:

1. Read books that help me express my love to Juliet. (I will have a post about recommended books for babies and preschoolers coming soon!)

2. Make and write Valentines with and for Juliet. (I've set up a Valentine table so we can create valentines for each other whenever we feel inspired! I'm changing out the supplies everyday.)

(Here's a sneak peek of the valentine boxes that we made and some of our first Valentines inside! I'll show you how we did this later.)

3. Find ways to show love to our family, friends, and neighbors. (I've never believed that Valentines Day should only be for those in romantic relationships, instead, I like the idea of celebrating with all the people who hold a special place in my heart. I'll be sharing how to make these lovely paper roses later!)

How do you celebrate Valentines day with your children? Do you have an favorite memories to share?


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Jackie said...

I saw that book at the library this week, but didn't check it out. I will have to before Valentine's day. Anyway, the love birds are too cute. They look just like the book. So sweet!

Rose said...

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing the procedure to create valentines day love birds hanging decoration. It was nice going through and try it soon.

Chels said...

These are really 'sweet' ideas! I especially like your craft patterned after the book pic- and how you told Juliet exactly where to put everything! The table is a fun idea!

April said...

I know what you mean about cherishing all of those memories when you get older. I'm always wondering what things my daughter will remember when she grows. Of course now she is only 18 months so she won't remember any of what we are doing now, but at least I can establish some traditions! I think your book inspired craft was beautiful!

Amy said...

This decoration is beautiful, but even more I love the effort you are putting into making this a special time for you and your daughter! What fun memories!

Kim @ It's a Crafty Life said...

Oh my goodness, that is adorable. You are so creative!

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