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January 15, 2010

I wrote a post about collecting books for a birthday book box on Tuesday where I highlighted ten of our favorite birthday-themed books. So many of you commented to let me know your favorites, that I thought I would do a little more research. Also, I wanted to repost the suggestions so you could have them in one place.

(I couldn't find images for all the books, but I did at least write all the titles out for you.)

(This is just a fun book-inspired birthday hat that I found in my research--thought you might like to see it.)

Raggedy Ann's Birthday Party Book by Elizabeth Silbaugh, Illustrated by Laura Francesca Filippucci

I found this book during our weekly library trip yesterday--right after posting about our own Raggedy Ann book! Since Juliet is on a Raggedy Ann kick this week, I thought it was a good find.

The book is actually a really good candidate for a birthday box because it is more than just a story about a birthday. It's also a book about birthday traditions and typical birthday celebration activities including birthday cards, cakes, presents, decorations, and games. It details several projects/activities that children can do on their own like ideas for making handmade gifts, decorating their own wrapping paper, a recipe for a cake, and party game directions. I think I am going to look for a copy for Juliet's birthday box. It's a good one.

Happy Birthday, Everywhereby Arlene Erlbach, Illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm

This was another library find. This one looks especially fun because it details the various birthday traditions from other countries besides the United States. Included are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, India, Israel, Mexico, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Russia, Sudan, and the United States (featuring the Native American traditions of the Winnegabo Indians.)

It provides one traditional birthday activity that you and your kids can try together. For example, Australia's activity is making Fairy Bread.

I love the international aspect of this book! We haven't done any activities yet, but we are going to have fun with it later this week.

Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells

This was suggested by Carol from Reading is Fundamental--I haven't read it yet, but I do love Rosemary Wells.

The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli was recommended by Adjuct Mom. She wrote, "My son swears by it and we start reading it at least a month before his birthday." I LOVE No No Yes Yes by this same author, so I am eager to read this one.

Not Last Night But the Night Before by Colin McNaughton was recommended by Bill. It looks like a good one as well.

Okay, so if you have a copy of Becky's Birthday by Tasha Tudor in your hands, you have a rare and collectible item! The cheapest one I could find online was $54.75!! I am a huge fan of Tasha Tudor, so I was hoping this would be easier to find, but alas. It seems that I will just have to cross my fingers and hope it turns up at our local goodwill someday. Isn't the cover gorgeous? I would love to have this for our birthday box.

Cranberry Birthday by Wende Devlin looks like a good one--no one recommended it to me, but the bearded man in his pajamas on the cover intrigues me.

I'm sure I must have read Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss at some point in my life, but I have no memory of it! Kelly recommended it, so I am off to find it!

Happy Birthday, Sam by Pat Hutchins
I'm including this one even though I have not read it yet because I am such a fan of Good-Night Owl by the same author.

We checked this out two weeks ago and Juliet insisted that we read it every day. It was a HUGE hit.
A Birthday for Frances by Russell Hoban

I remember liking this one as a girl. I'm pretty sure our library has a copy we can check out.

Terry from the Reading Tub suggested this book Two Birthdays for Beth by Gay Lynn Cronin about a young girl who celebrates her adoption day, too.

Here are the rest of the recommendations:

Brimful Curiosities suggested Birthday Monsters!  by Sandra Boynton (here's a review of this book by Crafts-n-things for Children if you want to see pics), Spot Bakes a Cake  by Eric Hill, and Curious George and the Birthday Surprise.

And lastly, one I tried to find, but had no luck is Candles, Cakes, and Donkey Tails: Birthday Symbols and Celebrations by Lila Perl. It details birthday symbols and celebrations. I am hoping our library has a copy.

And here are a few more ideas I had after searching our library catalogue:

Serafina's Birthday by Alma Flor Ada
Happy Birthday, Moon  by Frank Asch
The Fairytale Cake by Mark Sperring
Eeyore Has a Birthday by A. A. Milne
Birthdays around the World by Mary D. Lankford
Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson
Tiger's Birthdayby Mercer Mayer
Babar's Birthday Surprise by Laurent de Brunhoff

I hope this list is helpful to you! Please feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments!


Raising a Happy Child said...

Happy birthday everywhere sounds really intriguing and thanks for this great round up of birthday-themed books. I'll make sure to look for some of them in the library as well

Terry Doherty said...

Vanessa - I can't believe I forgot "Two Birthdays for Beth," about a young girl who celebrates her adoption day, too. Oh, man what kind of (adoptive) mother am I?!

artsy_momma said...

I posted the Birthday Monsters book today if you want to use my image you are welcome to:
(you have it listed in the suggested by Brimful Curiosities section :)

Ana said...

I love Raggedy Ann! I am already searching on amazon for it (crossing fingers). You have some great suggestions Vanessa, thank you!

Chels said...

I'm really liking this birthday book box idea! And this list is huge! For now I think I'll just plan ahead and make sure I have a bunch checked out from the library leading up to my kids birthdays. Thanks!

Jim said...

My daughter loves Bunny Cakes--she likes to read the lists. But Frances has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks!

Averie and Josie said...

I love what you do on this blog. When I saw the Raggedy Ann book, it reminded me of the one I have. I had it as a child and just pulled it off my bookshelf for my daughters. The title of mine is "Raggedy Ann and Andy Giant Treasury". It has 4 adventures and 12 short stories. Very sweet illustrations.

P.S. This has nothing to do with birthdays, but have you ever read your little girl "Bark George? My girls LOVE this book and I love to read it to them. :) (Sorry if you have mentioned it before...I am a fairly new follower.)

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