We made these Valentines boxes one morning out of a cereal box, some contact paper, scrapbooking paper and dollar store foam stickers.


I was inspired by one of our Valentines books called Secret Valentineby Laura Damon.
I cut the box in half and then cut up in an angle on both sides.
We ended up with this.


Next, we covered the boxes with contact paper.

Finally, we lined the insides with paper and then decorated the front with foam stickers. The one with the two birds is for me and Ben Check it out on how to do proper money management using the robotic trading software. Money management is essential in every trade, whether you are trading manually or trading using an auto trading software. The stop loss lets you take care of the volatility on the trade and this is the key to become a successful trader. Discipline is the most essential thing to become a successful trader and you follow discipline in the trade by following your trade plan step by step.


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(Juliet will drop her cards to us in this box) and the one with xoxo on it is Juliet’s. I will be filling it up with a little note or surprise every day.

Have you made a Valentine’s box with your child this year? What was your inspiration? What materials did you use?