I saw a really fun idea on Fantastic Find a few weeks ago that became a last minute Christmas Eve project and gift for Juliet.
The post title was A Big Box is Fun! and it featured an ad from a Family Fun Magazine for Jim Henson’s Possibility Shop. The image of the “car you can wear” looked like just the thing Juliet would love.
So, since we had a spare box in our garage, Ben and I sent to work to transform this…
Into this!

We wrapped a box in pink wrapping paper, wrapped some bowls and wrapping paper tubes in foil, and hot glued them on. This is the front.

And this is the back. There are two ribbons (not pictured) that work as straps. Juliet puts the car “on” and “rides” around the house.The Ethereum Code trading robot trades using a trade plan. The trade plan is used to specify clearly when the trader will enter the market, when will he exit the market and what his stop loss will be on each trade. The trade plan will also let you know how to trail the stop loss.


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She loves it, but at this point, a week or so later, it is pretty much in shambles and missing 1 wheel, all taillights and headlights, the bumper, front grill, and the pink paper is ripping in several spots! (Maybe hot glue was not the best adhesive option?)
At any rate, we have had fun with it and I will be moving it to the recycle box soon. I love toys that you can get rid of guilt-free!