I made these Valentines for Juliet’s valentine mail box by reusing the lids to some old baby wipe packages. Juliet has taken to calling them “knock knocks” as in, “I can’t wait to get a new knock knock in my valentines box tomorrow morning!”
I thought I would share how I made them with you today. The thing I like most is that they allow me to send my 3 year old a “real” piece of mail that she can understand–even though she cannot read yet. They are easy to make for your younger child and would be a great activity for older children to do on their own.


You’ve probably got a few of these around your house or in your purse already, but if not, just save some up. These cards don’t have to be specifically for Valentines Day–you can use them whenever you want to send your child a little note!When you trade using the Ethereum Code review software, you know that the software trades using an algorithm that is inbuilt into it. The algorithm is written by the experts and it is nothing but a trade plan. Since the robotic trading software trades using this trade plan thus there is hardly any scope of error since no biasedness comes in the decision making.

I happen to have a big stash of them because I started collecting them a few months back. I thought the tops could be used for something…I just didn’t know what until now.


I started by removing the lids.


To make this first one, I traced the shape of the door onto some contact paper and applied it to the front.


Then, I glued the door to a sheet of scrapbook paper and reinforced it by gluing that on top of a piece of card stock. Next, I applied a few foam dollar store stickers and wrote the words “Knock! Knock!” on the front.


When you open up the door, you find a lovely pink lobster inside! (I had a lot of ocean themed foam stickers left over from the mermaid birthday bash. We’ll be using them for months!)


I made another rectangular one using scrapbook paper on the front this time. (Sorry, this one kind of makes you cross-eyed if you stare at it too long!)
Inside, I placed “Nemo” carrying a heart. (She’s getting this one tomorrow! I think she is going to love seeing Nemo inside.)
Lastly, I used the oval shaped door. I placed the bird sticker over the “gie” portion of “Huggies” so now it says “Hugs!”


And inside is a friendly (although anatomically incorrect) octopus begging for a hug. (I had to cut off four of his arms in order to make him fit in the door!)


I added googly eyes to give him a little more personality. (And to make up for amputating so many limbs!)
Oh, just in case you were wondering what a three-year-old does upon receiving such a card? She immediately rips out the stickers, of course! The first day, I said, “No! Why are you pulling the lobster out?” And she said, “Because he wants to come in, Mom!”
Of course. Outsmarted by a three-year-old. Again.
 What kinds of valentines are you and your kids making this year?


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