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January 4, 2010

I've got two great books for you today. We hit the J section in the library and really found some good ones this week.

Next Please by Ernst Jandl and Norman Junge

This is a FUN counting book that will keep your preschooler engaged and involved from the first to the last page. Five broken toys are sitting in a waiting room. One by one, they are called in and fixed up by the doctor. Juliet loved watching the broken ones go in and seeing the patched up ones come out.

I first read about this book on Playing by the Book. Zoe did an amazing make your own hospital project with her kids where she made fabulous props for her daughters including a shiny hospital machine out of a shoebox, plastic bottle lids, foil, and tape, and operating theater, Ward 1 complete with shoebox beds for all the patients, and even and x-ray machine! It's really an amazing post, you have to click through to see her pictures.

He Wakes Me by Betsy James, Illustrated by Helen K. Davie

Add this Kitty Book to our list of favorites! The illustrations are beautiful (as you can see by the cover) and the text is simply beautiful. It is full of poetic language and many similes and metaphors that describe a little girls relationship with her beloved pet.

For example, "He knows the world the way a needle knows wool, slipping through it." and my favorite, "He has no bedtime. He can stay up forever. He knows what the wind does at night. He knows who walks past on the sidewalk when the moon shines down the chimney. He knows what the house smells like when it is full of dreams."

I love that last line, "what the house smells like when it is full of dreams." Such a gorgeous image. I will definitely be looking for more books by Betsy James.

I found this adorable plush cat project on Frugal Family Fun that I am putting on my list of things to do! But for now, Juliet will just have to play with our real-live kitty, Penny.

What great books did you find at the library this week?


Raising a Happy Child said...

Awesome - I have to try the same system of hitting a particular letter in the library :) I will have to look for both of these books. So far the leading find of this week was "A Big Book of Poetry" - we really need more poems here.

Chels said...

I really dislike seeing a good book recommendation and then not finding it at my library!

We have enjoyed lots of books but here's two:
Let's Play in the Snow by Sam McBratney and
God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Playing by the book said...

Ahh, Vanessa, so you managed to get Next Please. I do hope it lived up to your expectations... I know that when I go to see a film that has had rave reviews I'm almost always disappointed - simply because (I think) I had such high hopes for it. I really hope it wasn't like that for you with Next Please. It's such a simple book, but we all really warmed to it.

vanessa said...

Zoe, we loved it! I know what you mean about high expectations, though--but this one was good enough to meet them for sure. :) The illustrations really captivated Juliet and she loved pointing out the broken parts of the toys and then seeing how the doctor fixed them right up. I was so glad to find this book in our library.

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