twelve days of christmas ornament crafts (partridge in a pear tree)

December 1, 2009

I mentioned this book last week, but I didn't tell you how much it inspired me. The Twelve Days of Christmas by Brian Wildsmith is one of the most beautifully illustrated holiday books I've seen. I fell in love with it the first time I read it.

Juliet loved it too. We have sang this song over and over again during the past few weeks. I wanted to share some of the illustrations with you and also share our 12 days of Christmas ornament activity idea.

Growing up, we always made Christmas ornaments to hang from our tree. It was always fun to create ornaments with my brothers each year. We still look at them and fight over who made which one (We really can't remember, but I like to think all the ugly ones were theirs and the cute ones were mine. This is why we fight.)

I want to start this tradition with Juliet and thought this would be a good place to start. For each day, we will make a 12 days-inspired ornament(s). I also wanted to be as creative as possible with materials and reuse objects found in my recycle box.

I mean, come on, look at it! It's full of great stuff we can use. I also raided my craft box for supplies we already had on hand (things like feathers, sequins, glitter glue, etc.) My goal is to not go out and buy anything to make these ornaments.

Here is the first page of the book. My first attempt failed. I cut out a pear tree like the one pictured, but it didn't look that great. The only part we "used" from this page is the partridge for inspiration.

So I turned to plan B and recreated this Kate Spade plate. It was easier for Juliet to get involved with since it is just a bunch of pieces to glue onto a disk. It was easy to add a partridge to this tree.

Here are the scraps I used: coke zero box, gingerbread man box top, snapfish mailing envelope, nutella foil wrap, and yogurt foil.

I cut out all the shapes one night while Juliet was sleeping and the next day we sat down together and glued them all on. Ben even joined us. I used the Nutella foil for the pears and some yogurt foil to make the partridge. I drew his face and feathers on with a sharpie.

Juliet was so proud to hang him on the tree. She asked, "Where are the other ornaments?!" I guess it was kind of a gip to just hang one ornament. I told her we would make more tomorrow. That seemed to satisfy her.

Overall, the first day of our green Christmas was a success! (except for the fact that Juliet thinks the partridge is a pigeon...I'll have to work on that!)

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing our 2nd day of Christmas. Leave a comment and let me know what ornaments you are making or books you are reading!


Jackie said...

I have never read that book, but will have to see if I can find it. Love the craft!

The Activity Mom said...

Thanks for linking up! =)

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Juliet's ornament turned out beautifully. I haven't seen that Christmas book, but it looks great. Thanks for linking to the Holiday Blog Hop!

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