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December 29, 2009

One of my favorite children's book authors is Ezra Jack Keats, so I was really excited when I stumbled across this collection called Keat's Neighborhood in our library this week. The book contains 10 of Keat's stories and also little background informational pages and interviews with other authors about Keats and his work.

Probably, my favorite of all his stories is The Snowy Day. Juliet requested that I read this one over and over again. (We've checked it out before, but she never seems to get tired of it.)

We also read A Whistle for Willie several times together. Both stories are about Peter (the little boy pictured) and both feature this streetlamp in the background as he takes walks around his neighborhood.

Juliet has just recently become obsessed with traffic lights. Every time we stop at a red light she asks, "Is the sign red?" And I have to tell her, "Yes. It's red." And then she says, "We have to wait till it turns green." It's very important that she lets me know.

So, to celebrate her love of traffic lights and our mutual love of these two books, I decided we would make her own streetlight necklace.

It's pretty straightforward and simple to do. I saw this on someone else's blog a while back...right now I can't remember where...but Juliet loved gluing the three circles onto the black cardboard and then running around the house yelling out, "Green! Go! Red! Stop!" all afternoon.

Do you have a favorite Ezra Jack Keats book?


Infant Bibliophile said...

What a cute idea! I love Keats too. Snowy Day might be my favorite, but we also really like an out of print (?) one called My Dog is Lost/Mi Perro Se Ha Perdido. I reviewed it here: I'm thinking I read and reviewed a book about traffic lights before, at least that had traffic lights in the title, by Anastasia Suen. Let's see... Oh, found it! "Red Light, Green Light". Reviewed here:

The Activity Mom said...

I found this poem in one of the High Five Mags that we get and B loves to say it!

Red says Stop.
Green says Go.
Yellow says Whoooaaa Let's go Sloooowwwww!

Raising a Happy Child said...

We only read Snowy Day here and loved it a lot. I like your necklace, and the whole story reminded me of Anna when she was under 2 and fascinated with all the things that move. I miss those days sometimes :)

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