make your own pretend campfire

December 31, 2009

Here's something fun we did on Christmas Eve--tried out Fun in the Making's Pretend Campfire idea! (I mentioned this idea in an earlier post about easy homemade gifts for kids and just wanted to update you on ones I actually attempted!)

Juliet is terrified of real fires, so this one was perfect for us. We gathered some stones and twigs earlier in the day and that night, we "built" our fire with crumpled up tissue paper, felt scraps, and rolled up paper bags.

We even had pretend marshmallows to "roast" over the fire. Juliet enjoyed this once she realized it wasn't a real fire and Penny (our cat) loved snuggling up right next to it (again, not sure why as it didn't radiate any heat, but maybe even cats like the idea of a campfire, real or pretend!)

This is a fun activity to do with any camping themed book or just as a nice extra effect for reading time. We enjoyed pulling up big pillows next to it and reading books together by our fire.


The Activity Mom said...

super cute!

Zoe said...

I love how even your cat wanted to warm himself by the fire!

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