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December 14, 2009

Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett

We recently discovered Jan Brett and are so glad that we did. Juliet has been obsessed with this book for the past two weeks. It's the story of a gingerbread baby who is looking for some friends. He looks everywhere with no luck, but in the end finds a whole bunch of fellow gingerbread people to have fun with.

Jan Brett has a website that features activity ideas for her numerous books. We liked this build your own gingerbread baby activity. You drag and drop pieces of candy and icing to make your own gingerbread friend. When you are finished you can print it out!
This next one, The Mitten by Jan Brett, is another fun winter read. It's a Ukrainian folktale adapted by the author. A little boy named Nikki asks his grandma to knit him white wool mittens. She warns him that if he drops them in the snow, he'll never find them.

Nikki goes out to play in the snow and of course, loses a mitten. Various animals stumble across the mitten and crawl inside to stay warm. A mole, a rabbit, a hedgehog, an owl, and even a bear all crawl inside. Eventually, the bear sneezes and all the animals are pushed out of the mitten. Nikki finds the mitten just as he is heading home.

Jan Brett's website has free printable animal masks that go along with this story. Here's the owl:
It would be fun to print these out and re-enact the story if you had a large group of kids. You could use a large blanket as a "mitten".

Do you have a favorite Jan Brett book? Which one should we check out next?

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Swati said...

I love all Jan Brett books - a few we have, and some I have seen but not bought. The original Gingerbread baby is cute too, and in this season, the one about Christmas reindeer - I forget what its called just now - is nice to read. My kid especially enjoys the scene when they all are in a heap with tangled antlers :) Comet's nine lives is my favourite, but the allusion to nine lives is a little subtle for the kid at this age :)

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