This is a vintage book that I picked up this summer at Goodwill. It has really fun illustrations and beautiful ornaments.

The Christmas Tree Book by Joe Kaufman

“Just before Christmas evergreen trees are cut down and brought into town.”

“It’s important to pick the right tree.”

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“All the decorations are ready for the tree. We saved them from last year.”

“Everyone can help hang things on the tree.”

I saw the most beautiful handmade felt Christmas tree on Ruffles and Stuff the other day. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to make one for Juliet. It’s the kind of thing she would LOVE.
So, I studied hers and then rummaged through my fabric box to see what I could find. I managed to piece together a smaller tree using an old curtain and some purple flannel left over from another project.I cut out the tree shape and sewed it together with a piece of batting in between. I made the ornaments out of felt and sewed ribbon and buttons to embellish them. I attached velcro to the backs and to the front of the tree so Juliet could move the ornaments around as she wished.
Here’s a close up of the star. It’s two pieces of felt–I tried to make a starburst and messed up twice, so I just layered them to make the mistakes less noticeable and then sewed the large button in the middle.
Juliet loves it! She carried it around all evening and currently has it in her bed with her. Usually, it lives on her bedroom door.
[Disney, the creative genius of Ruffles and Stuff, was so sweet to feature my version of her tree on her site! Check out her ‘You tried it!” section to see it!]
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