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December 19, 2009

Yesterday, I shared last year's Christmas books from our home library. Today, I'm sharing the ones we bought this year to add to our collection.

Brian Wildsmith's Twelve Days of Christmas

You are probably tired of me going on and on about this one, but it really is a beautiful book and it inspired this year's homemade ornament theme. We crafted ourselves out on that one, but still love the book. I ordered this one online and am so glad I did.

The Christmas Tree Book by Joe Kaufman (published 1966)

This was a Goodwill find that I made during the summer! On the cover (it's cut off in this picture) it says the original price when it was new was 29 cents! I think I paid $1 at Goodwill... The illustrations are really charming in this book although the words are somewhat problematic at times. There are "presents for girls" (dolls, tea sets, baby carriages) and "presents for boys" (fire trucks, baseball mitts, trains) which is not nearly as bad as the final page that show "daddy and mamma" with their presents: a tie for daddy and some ugly house shoes from mamma! Makes me laugh and cringe at the same time!

Christmas Present Book by Richard Scarry (published 1965)

We love Richard Scarry books--Juliet especially loves them. I sometimes wish they were a little less wordy when I read them... So, I grabbed this one up at our local used book store one day this fall. It tells the story of Santa leaving presents for a family while two little mice scurry around looking for their own present. Santa does not let them down--they get their very own piece of cheese wrapped in a big red bow.

Speaking of presents...If you need some really cute free printable wrapping paper for last minute gifts, check out Barefooted Blessings!

Socks for Supper by Jack Kent

This was my book as a child. My mother recently discovered a big collection of my old books in her attic. I was thrilled to find this one again. It's not necessarily a Christmas book, but it takes place during Christmas time (there is a Christmas tree in the background and the woman is knitting a sweater as a Christmas gift for her husband.) It's a great story about sharing and giving.

The Nutcracker retold by Rita Balducci, Illustrated by Barbara Lanza

This story is a Christmas classic, so I was excited to find a copy at Goodwill earlier this year. Juliet fell in love with Clara and the story of her nutcracker doll immediately. This was her favorite book for several weeks in a row earlier this month. We could not read any other books but this one. She loved pretending to be Clara and having Ben be the Prince. It was TOO cute.

We've been scouring youtube for clips of the ballet. Here's a link to the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy that we have watched several times.

Winter Wonderland Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

I'm always on the lookout for songbooks, so this one was a great find. We have enjoyed singing it together many times over the past several weeks. The illustrations are of mice as they frolic and romp through a winter wonderland. Fun and cute.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss

I asked for this one for Christmas from Juliet's grandparents (she received it at Thanksgiving), since I loved it so much as a child. I hadn't read it for years and when I first opened it and started reading it, I was afraid it might be over her head still. But she loved it and we have read it many times together. She likes to tell me "that's not nice!" when the Grinch is stealing all the Christmas presents, but is happy when he returns them all in the end.

What about you? What books did you add to your Christmas collection this year? Have any favorites to recommend?

For more reading lists, check out Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!


Swati said...

I think the Richard Scarry book is the same as Christmas mice released by Little Golden Books - check it out at the Golden Gems blog. I read it there a while back so don't remember the url :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We might have to check out the "Socks for Supper" book, just because of the title! Great list - thanks for sharing it.

Raising a Happy Child said...

You have beautiful collection of Christmas books and thanks for joining again this week. It's neat that you have so many vintage books - the message about "girl presents" and "boy presents" did crack me up though. My daughter gets mostly various building blocks from the family for Christmas - everyone wants her to be an engineer as the rest of us :)

vanessa said...

Swati--I love Golden Gems--I will have to check that out!

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